You know that super scary feeling when you have a dream where random hands are grabbing you and holding you back?

And you’re like struggling to get free but can’t? Those dreams are the WORST. They make you wake up all freaked out and stuff.

But it turns out, those terrifying hand grabbing dreams actually mean something. They’re not just random weirdness that our brains make up at night.

The grabbing hands are like symbols that represent feeling out of control in your real life!

What Do The Grabbing Hands Symbolize?

Hands are how we do things and control our world. So when dream hands are grabbing and stopping you, it means there’s parts of your life you don’t feel in control of.

Like if it’s your mom’s hands, maybe you’re fighting over curfew and she’s being too controlling. If it’s monster hands, it could mean you feel stuck in a bad situation you can’t get out of.

It’s kinda freaky how our subconscious mind uses hands grabbing us to picture those trapped, powerless feelings. But it’s actually really fascinating when you start looking closer at your dreams.

Why Am I Having These Bizarre Dreams?

There’s a few main reasons grabbing hand dreams might be happening to you. Maybe you’re just super stressed over a huge test or competition coming up and it’s making you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Or it could be from something traumatic that happened which made you feel helpless, and now it’s stuck in your subconscious.

Sometimes the dreams can even be triggered by watching a scary movie or show about people being kidnapped or held against their will. Our brains are SO weird for connecting those tiny details into dreams!

Taking Control Back From The Grabbing Hands

As terrifying as those hand dreams are, you have the power to stop them and feel in control again. Start by getting one of those dream journals and writing down whatever grabbing dream you had.

Look for any connections to things you feel trapped or controlled by.

From there, work on knowing you’re powerful and can change your situation. Do more of the stuff that makes you feel confident, strong and independent. Spend time with friends who hype you up. Listen to motivating music. You’ve got this!

If the dreams are still super upsetting after trying all that, don’t be afraid to talk to a counselor about it. Sometimes we all need some extra help.

Facing Your Fear Could Lead To Major Growth

As scary as it is, facing and understanding these grabbing hand dream symbols can help you become a braver, more self-assured person. You’ll get insights into things in your life you want to improve and make you feel more in control.

It’s like a weird, twisted opportunity our subconscious gives us to level up our confidence and independence.

Just think, soon you could be the one grabbing life by the hands, instead of it holding you back! Embrace the journey, no matter how creepy the dreams get.

So next time those grabbing hands strike in your dreams, try not to freak out as much. Unmask their secret meaning instead of being a victim to the fear. You’ve totally got the power to shape what those hands represent!