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What Are Dreams?

Dreams are like crazy movies that play in our heads when we’re sleeping. They can be totally random and make no sense at all! Scientists say dreaming happens during REM sleep, which is when our brains are super active, almost as awake as when we’re up and about during the day. Crazy, right?

Some psychologists say dreams are actually our subconscious minds trying to tell us something. Like, maybe our hidden thoughts and feelings are being shown to us through symbols and stuff. This Freud guy believed dreams were all about our deepest wants and fears that we don’t really understand when we’re awake.

The Weirdest Dream Themes

Even though everyone’s dreams are different, there are some dream stories that happen to pretty much everyone. Here are some of the most common weird dreams people have:


Falling dreams are so freaky! You’re just walking along, and then bam, the ground disappears and you’re falling into a black hole or something. Your heart feels like it’s going to burst out of your chest. Apparently, these dreams might mean you feel insecure or out of control in your real life. Yikes.


Being Chased

These are the worst! You’re being hunted by a monster, a criminal, or who knows what scary thing. You run and hide, but the threat keeps coming for you. No thanks! Some say these chase dreams happen when you’re feeling overwhelmed or trying to escape something.

Teeth Falling Out

OK, this one is just gross. You look in the mirror, and your teeth start crumbling away or falling out one by one. Ew! Creepy dream experts think this could mean you’re worried about major changes happening or losing control of things. I’ll pass on those dreams!

Being Naked in Public

Arguably the most embarrassing dream ever. You’re at school, the mall, or some other public place, and you suddenly realize you’re starkers! Everyone can see you in your birthday suit. How mortifying is that? These dreams might be about feeling insecure, judged, or exposed. No, thank you!


Finally, a cool dream for once! You’re soaring through the sky like a superhero, free as a bird. Flying dreams are supposed to mean you feel free and in control of things. Yeah, I’ll take more of those dreams, please!

Why We Dream What We Dream

While the dream themes are common, what we actually dream about is influenced by our own lives and experiences. Like:

  1. Our memories and daily life stuff often show up in our dreams in weird ways.
  2. If you’re stressed or anxious about something, you’re more likely to have scary or disturbing dreams. No fun!
  3. Your culture, beliefs, and the things you see on TV or read about can shape what symbols and stories appear in your dreams.
  4. Watching too many superhero movies might make you dream about flying! Who knows?

Figuring Out Dream Meanings

Lots of people are really into trying to interpret their dreams. Here’s how some of them do it:

Dream Dictionaries

There are these dream dictionary books that tell you what different objects, animals, or colors could mean in your dreams. Like, dreaming about snakes might mean you’re dealing with a difficult person or feeling threatened. But dreams are so personal, so those meanings might not fit for you.

Do It Yourself

Some people like to analyze their own dreams by thinking about how they felt in the dream, what was happening in their life at the time, and what the dream characters or symbols might represent for them personally. That can help make more sense of the weird dream stuff.

Dream Professionals

If you have nightmares or repetitive dreams that really bother you, you can actually talk to a dream expert or therapist about it. They’ll help you figure out what might be causing those dreams and how to cope with any anxiety or stress around them.

Dream Categories

Or you can browse our dream categories and learn more. We offer large database of dream interpretations based on expert research and psychology 

Animal Dreams

Cat Dreams

Food Dreams

Object Dreams

People Dreams

The Dream Bottom Line

Dreams are so strange and interesting aren’t they? It’s like watching movies created by our own minds possibly with hidden meanings, about our lives.. Maybe it’s just our brains playing tricks on us while we’re asleep. Either way, exploring our dreams and the crazy stories they weave can be a way to discover more about ourselves. So keep dreaming, dream explorers!

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