Have you had one of those dreams where you are giving money to a dead person? How scary is that?

Trust me this dream, although peculiar, has many meanings and it is well documented in dream interpretation.

Now with my expert knowledge in this subject we will get to the bottom of this.

Visitation Dreams

Normally these dreams are known as visitation dreams, where someone you know pays you a visit.

These dreams are very visual and impactful, they normally give the dreamer a lot of comfort and closure.

Trust me these dreams are way more intense than normal dreams, in fact you may even question what just happened?

Money in Dreams

Money plays a major role in the dream world. Money symbolizes value and worth. So what could it mean when you give money to a deceased person? 

Usually when you give someone something of worth to someone in your dream, it means you are showing them gratitude or you are acknowledging their value to the connection you had with them.

It could also be a resolution of any debt or regret you may have towards them. This is echoed by (Psychology Today)​​ (Psychology Today)​.

Spiritual and Cultural Meanings 

Dreams involving deceased loved ones have greater connection in the spiritual world,  and so does culture to some extent. They go beyond the psychological meanings.

Message from Beyond:

In some spiritual traditions, giving money to a deceased person is seen as a direct communication with the afterlife.

The money could symbolize spiritual knowledge, or some value being exchanged, in some cases the deceased gives you money, which underlines the spiritual knowledge being passed on from an ancestor.


When you give a deceased person money in a dream, you are blessing them, or you are endorsing their shared connection with them.

This exchange is also asking them to remain in your life, as to not forget them. This can be very comforting if you believe in an ongoing connection with them spiritually.

Cultural Meanings

Continued Bond

In some cultures, dreams are known for a way to connect with your deceased loved ones to maintain bonds with them. Giving them money is a way to give them sustenance or expressing care.


In some Asian cultures, there is a tradition of offering joss paper money, which is the symbolism of providing for them in the afterlife. This dream may be deeply rooted to this tradition.


In christianity this dream symbolizes the deceased being in a state of peace, and giving the money is a way to comfort, and love them in the afterlife.

There were times where I believe this connection adds more to the spiritual connection, allowing us to love and cherish people that may have had important roles in our life.

Insights from Experts

Experts like Preston Ni and Patricia Garfield suggest that these dreams are about providing reassurance and facilitating emotional closure. This dream is about letting you know that the deceased person is at peace.

You might also receive change of messages or advice, or even warnings that you may find meanings in your current life.

There are real life events where these dreams have an emotional impact on the dreamer. Most have reported having a sense of peace and comfort after having this dream, which helped them move forward.

As you can see there are many layers to this dream, but this is a good dream, its way for you to have emotional peace, or as a conduit for unresolved feelings you may have towards them.

If you want a more personal explanation, be sure to leave a comment.