When we dream about protecting a child it relates to our feelings and situation in life. As a dream expert I will guide you through both the psychological and spiritual meaning.

They are both important in understanding our dreams and how they affect us.

What does it Mean?

Dream experts say this dream is quite common. These dreams reflect our worries in life, especially about how to take care of yourself and others. 

Psychology Today says that these dreams are innocent parts of ourselves, which we think are weak and need some protection.

This dream is a message about how we handle ourselves in tough situations and when we have responsibilities. Sometimes they just encourage us to be more caring.

This dream is also about looking after something new in our lives, for example a new relationship, job, or just a personal goal.

Think about the time you had something special in your life, and you always felt the need to protect it?

The child represents the innocence of how we feel about something that needs love and care.

Just to highlight some of the key points:

  • Caring for others: This dream is about taking care of yourself and others.
  • Self protection: It shows our fears and the need for self protection.
  • Purity: The child represents purity and innocence
  • Vulnerability: Shows our vulnerabilities and the emotions with it.
  • Handling situations: How we manage responsibilities.
  • Nurture: Telling us to use our more gentle side.
  • New relationships: It symbolizes new beginnings or fostering new relationships.
  • Career: New professional opportunities in life.
  • Personal goals: This dream relates to your personal goals or hobbies.

These meanings are versed and echoed by Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., and other dream experts.

Cultural Meanings

Different cultures have diverse meanings to this dream, for example some cultures see it as a sign of hope for the community or as a sign of keeping our traditions alive.

Spiritually speaking this dream is about keeping our faith and our innocence in a challenging world.

Expert Opinions

Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D says these dreams are about:

  • Personal growth
  • Caregiving
  • Life’s challenges
  • Inner desires and fears
  • Universal themes

He also mentioned that these dreams tell us to confront our insecurities and work towards overcoming them. 

They can also relate to our responsibilities of being a parent, caring for others and even yourself. He suggests that we release how we handle these duties and responsibilities, even if you are not prepared for them.

He also points out how this dream can make us think deeply about the challenges we face in life. This prompts us to consider how we deal with stress or any change in our life.

When we reflect, it leads us to a deeper understanding about our desires and fears, which helps us better navigate our waking life. 

According to dream experts, these dreams connect deep into the universal themes in human psychology. It nudges on our innate desire to nurture and protect, which manifests in our dream as a scene where we need to protect a child from harm.

This dream looks at many scenarios, and I feel a lot of you will connect with it. This dream can be very personal as well.

I feel every dream is, so know that wherever connects you to this dream is correct. It’s always helpful to keep a journal nearby, and write down things, for example if the dream is recurring, you might need to further examine things in your life.