Have you ever experienced one of those dreams where you find yourself gliding above the ocean waves? Dreams involving flying over water can be quite fascinating!

They often hold significance reflecting aspects of your subconscious thoughts and emotions. Flying and water are frequently recurring symbols, in dreams.

When they appear together in a dream of floating above an ocean or lake they can offer insights into your inner self. If you’ve recently had such a dream continue reading to uncover its meanings!

Why Do We Dream of Flying?

When you dream about being able to fly, it usually means you want to feel free from whatever is holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Flying represents a longing to rise above your problems, stress, or limitations trapping you. It shows a desire to grow as a person and find new possibilities.

Flying dreams might also mean you are working through overcoming a tough challenge or obstacle in your life. From up high, your issues don’t seem so massive and overwhelming. The bird’s eye view helps you see a bigger picture beyond your struggles.

For some people, bizarre flying dreams connect to their spiritual side and a search for higher consciousness or enlightenment. They symbolize your soul’s journey and striving for wisdom.

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What Does Water Symbolize?

While flying relates to transcendence, water shows up in dreams as a symbol of your emotions and feelings.

Bodies of water like the ocean, rivers, or lakes represent the depths of your inner self – your subconscious thoughts, memories, and intuition.

Water can also mean purity, cleansing, and a fresh start. It signifies being emotionally renewed or healing from negativity holding you back.

And its Association with fertility might mean the dream predicts new beginnings in your life, or wanting change.

Flying Over Water Dream Meaning

So what does it mean when you combine flying and water together in one wild dream?

Generally, it suggests you are finding healthy ways to overcome the emotional issues and difficulties you’ve been dealing with. It shows you rising above the turbulent emotional currents weighing you down.

These dreams signal you are gaining control over your feelings instead of being overwhelmed by them. You have a more balanced perspective.

The soaring, open freedom of flight represents transcending the emotional depths to find greater inner peace and clarity about your path forward.

For some people, an incredible dream of effortlessly gliding over peaceful, still waters could even foretell an upcoming spiritual awakening or rebirth of your truest self. You are evolving beyond old constraints and mindsets holding you back.

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Don’t Forget Context

While flying over water dreams totally have bigger symbolic meanings to unpack about your emotional state and spiritual journey, the unique details and scenery matter too!

The vividness, colors, other people present, and how the water looks can add extra shades of interpretation to the core symbolism.

Your own personal life situations and struggles often get woven into dreams as well. The same dream could mean slightly different things for different people based on their individual experiences and mindsets.

Exploring your personal connections to the dream symbols will lead to the richest insights.

Finding Your Dream’s Meaning

Next time you have an epic dream where your soaring over an endless ocean, lake, or river, don’t just brush it off!

Spend some time really thinking about how the symbolism of your newfound ability to fly above the emotional waters might be guiding you.