Ever caught a flash of light from the corner of your eye? No source you could find? 

I’ve had that happen. At first, I shrugged it off. But then, it got me thinking. 

What if there’s more to it?

What’s going on?

I found out that seeing these lights might not just be a trick of the eye. Some say it’s a spiritual nudge. A hello from the beyond, maybe.

It could be…

  • Kundalini waking up. Sounds fancy, huh? It’s like a spiritual energy boost from within. Makes you see things, like light flashes.
  • Angels saying hi. Ever felt you’re not alone? This could be why. Those flashes might just be angels. They don’t always have wings or halos. Sometimes, they’re just a blink of light.
  • A hint from the universe. Maybe it’s a sign to slow down or think over something big in your life.

Colors mean things

Not just any light, colors too. Each has its vibe. 

Red might be a warning or a push. Blue? Could mean help’s on the way. 

And white, well, that’s a bit special. Like a cosmic high-five.

And then, nature

Outdoors is another story. 

That light flickering through the trees? Could be nature’s way of showing the spiritual side. 

Makes you wonder, right?

How’s that feel?

When I first noticed it, confusion hit me. What were these lights? 

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My curiosity wouldn’t let it go. So, I started searching, reading, and asking. 

Turns out, many feel the same.

Listening to the whispers

You know, they say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

Maybe these lights are the universe’s way of teaching us. Showing us there’s more than we see.

Seeing is believing, they say

But it’s more than seeing. It’s feeling. Ever got goosebumps out of nowhere? 

Or a sudden warmth? That’s the thing. These lights, they talk to more than just our eyes.

Sharing the light

I talked to a friend about it. They laughed at first. But then, it happened to them. 

That’s the funny thing about experiences. They’re contagious.

What’s your color?

Back to those colors. Ever picked a color that just feels right? 

That’s your instinct talking. Each color, each flash, it’s a message. For me, blue brings calm. 

Red, a bit of a push to act.

Nature’s network

Back outside, nature has its rhythm. 

The light through the leaves, the sunset, even the night sky. 

It’s all connected. Makes you think about your place in it all.

What’s next?

So, here we are. A bit wiser, maybe. More open, definitely. 

Next time you catch that flash, what will you do? Smile, maybe. 

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Or pause and feel. Because now, you know. It’s not just light. It’s a conversation.

And that’s the beauty of it. We’re all part of this vast, mysterious experience. 

Maybe we don’t have all the answers. But asking the questions? That’s where the magic happens.