Have you ever had a really scary dream where a plane falls from the sky and crashes? I had one last night and it was terrifying! I woke up feeling really shaken and disturbed.

Dreams about planes crashing can seem like just a bad nightmare. But some people believe they could actually have deeper meanings.

It Could Mean You Feel Out of Control

One thing a dream about a plane crashing could mean is that you feel out of control in your life right now. Planes represent goals you have and what you want to do with your life.

So when you dream about a plane going down, it might be because you feel lost or like you can’t control what’s happening to you anymore.

Maybe you’re really unhappy at school or with your family situation. The crashing plane dream is telling you that you want to get your life going in a better direction but struggle with making it happen.

Pay attention to this dream! It’s alerting you that you need to find a way to feel in control again.

You’re Scared of Failing

Another reason you might dream about a plane crash is that you’re really afraid of failing at something important to you.

When planes go down in dreams, it symbolizes a fear that you’ll fail or that something you care about won’t work out right.

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If you recently bombed a big test or tried out for a team and didn’t make it, this bad dream makes sense. Your subconscious mind is picturing the plane of your goals crashing.

It Means Your Identity Is Shifting

While those first two meanings are more straightforward, some experts believe plane crashes in dreams can have deeper spiritual meanings too.

To some, the plummeting plane shows that your sense of self and who you are as a person is shifting in big ways. It represents you letting go of your old identity and false ideas about yourself.

The crash signifies that you’re entering a brand new stage of your life.

So even though the dream is scary, it might lowkey be a good thing! It means you’re experiencing personal growth and a new awareness.

The plane crash is symbolic of you evolving into a new, better version of yourself. Woah.

Dreams Are Personal

Those are some of the main meanings that get attached to dreams about planes crashing. But you also have to consider your own personal life, experiences, and beliefs.

Maybe you have a specific fear of flying that makes the plane dream make more sense. Or perhaps you practice a faith that assigns its own unique symbolic meaning.

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The most important thing is to not just brush off a powerful, vivid dream like that.

Dig deeper and do some self-reflection to uncover what it might be trying to tell you about your current struggles or inner thoughts and feelings.

Unpack Your Dream’s Message

Here are some tips for better interpreting your plane crash dream:

  • Keep a dream journal and write down as many details as you can – like how you felt, colors you saw, other symbols
  • Think about your personal history and associations with planes, flying, heights, falling, etc.
  • Consider what’s going on in your life right now that the dream could be connecting to metaphorically
  • And don’t shut off your brain! Dreams speak in symbols and images, so be open-minded about their complex meanings

Even nightmares contain wisdom from our subconscious mind, using symbolism to communicate its messages.

If you have the courage to explore your dream’s warning or guidance, you might learn something super valuable about yourself. Don’t ignore what your intuition is trying to tell you!