Okay, so like, have you ever had one of those crazy dreams where you’re at the airport or a hotel and then you suddenly realize OMG you totally forgot your luggage?? 

It’s like one of the most common dream themes people have. At first you’re probably just like “ugh, another stressful dream” right? 

But some people think forgetting your luggage in dreams could low-key have a deeper meaning.

Luggage = Your Personal Baggage

So in dream interpretation, your luggage is supposed to represent like, your personal “baggage” and junk you’re carrying around with you in life. 

The stuff you pack is kinda like the things you’ve gone through, emotions you feel, and parts of your past/personality that you keep holding onto. 

Which means if you forget or lose your luggage in a dream, it might symbolize you wanting to let go of some of that heavy baggage!

The Spiritual Meanings

Letting Go of Emotional Stuff

A lot of people think forgetting luggage in a dream means you need to release emotional burdens or negative vibes from your past. 

Like maybe you’ve been feeling really guilty, angry or sad about something for too long and your brain is basically like “let that go already!” 

The dream could be a sign you gotta work through those feelings and move forward finally.

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Looking at Your Priorities

Sometimes the luggage dream means you need to seriously think about your priorities and what’s important to you. 

Are you even heading in the right direction in life? Are you wasting time on things that don’t really matter? Maybe the dream is telling you to look at yourself and figure that out.

Going Through a Life Change

A lot of times leaving behind your luggage can symbolize you’re about to go through a major life change or start a new chapter. 

You’re leaving behind old baggage from the past and getting ready to start fresh. The dream might mean big changes are coming and you have to get ready for them!

Don’t Overthink It…Maybe

Of course, everyone’s dreams are different and can be influenced by:

  • How you personally feel about luggage/travel
  • Any big life events happening lately
  • If you’re just generally stressed

If you had this dream, it’s up to you if you want to analyze it more or just brush it off as a weird random dream. 

But who knows, it could low-key contain some important wisdom from your subconscious! Either way, don’t sweat it.