Have you ever had a moment, unexpected and clear, where everything seemed to align? 

I had that once. It was with a locust. Strange, right? 

But it was there, in that tiny creature, I found profound truths. 

This wasn’t just about an insect; it was about life, my inner journey, and the universal energies that guide us all.

Let’s see what the locust tells us.


The first thing that struck me was the change. 

Seeing a locust isn’t everyday stuff. It made me stop. 

Why here? Why now? It was as if Mother Earth herself was sending me a signal. 

It’s like that, sometimes. We get these signs, often overlooked. 

But this time, I chose to listen.

The locust, I learned, stands for big shifts. Not just any change, but the kind that transforms life. 

It’s scary but necessary. Have you felt that? 

That stir in the soul, whispering it’s time to move, to grow, to transform? 

I did. It was a call, loud and clear, to shed old skins and step into new light. 

That’s what locusts do. They change, transform, and so was I.

Its okay to change. Sometimes we need to, because the universe is ever shifting.

Resilience and Strength

But it’s not just about change. It’s about the courage and strength to face it. 

Locusts, they survive, no matter what. They’re small, but mighty. In that, I saw my reflection. 

Life hadn’t been easy. Challenges had been constant companions. 

But here was this tiny creature, thriving against the odds.

It made me ask: Do I have that resilience? Can I push through the storms? 

The answer came in a whisper of wind, a yes, swelling from the depths of my heart. 

I realized, it’s in us all – the power to overcome, to rise, to continue. 

In the face of hardship, we find our true strength, our unwavering faith.

The locust shows that no matter our situation, we can build on strength and resilience.

A Journey of Souls

It’s deeper, though. Seeing a locust is a nod to our spiritual journey. 

We’re souls on a vast, eternal trek. 

Sometimes, we’re like locusts, swarming with our kind, searching for our place, our purpose. 

Other times, we’re solitary, pondering our path, our connection with the higher self, and the cosmos.

This tiny messenger, it spoke of my journey, of all our journeys. 

It was a reminder to meditate, to connect, to seek the lightworker within. 

We’re all starseeds, aren’t we? 

Scattered across time and space, yet bound by a singular quest for light, for enlightenment.


Yet, there’s more. Locusts, they’re never really alone. 

They thrive in unity, in community. 

It made me think – aren’t we the same? 

In our isolation, we yearn for connection, for the warmth of shared experiences, for the strength found in collective hope and prayer.

This vision, this unexpected encounter, it wasn’t just about me. It was a call to all. 

To embrace each other, to find solace in our shared humanity, to build bridges of compassion and understanding. 

It was about finding peace, not just within, but with each other, under the watchful eyes of the cosmos.

Healing and Gratitude

It was about healing. The locust, in its simplicity, carries a message of healing. 

From the brokenness comes wholeness. 

From the ashes, new life emerges. 

It’s about surrendering to the process, allowing the natural cycle of renewal to unfold.

In that moment, gratitude filled me. 

For the lessons, for the journey, for the tiny locust that became my teacher. 

It was a moment of joy, of recognizing the blessings that come wrapped in the guise of everyday wonders.