30 Days of Hecate

Elder of the Scar Clan

“30 Days of Hecate: A Daily Sacred Pause of Welcoming Hallowmas” is an ecourse for those who want a daily inspirational touchstone during Hecate’s season of All Hallows, Samhain, the Days of the Dead.

It is the season of Hecate in her guise of the Old One, the Crone, the Cailleach, the Grandmother, the Elder.

On the surface, it’s about beautiful photos, art, quotes, practices, and journal/photo prompts landing in your inbox every day for 30 days.

But really?

It’s about connecting more deeply
with the rhythms of nature
as you enter the fallow, dreaming time,
follow the light of Hecate’s torches
into the underworld,
and honor your Beloved Dead.


Hekate, Dark Goddess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi-PrinceHecate, Dark Goddess of the Crossroads, presides over the transitions in our lives. When we go through any kind of change, transformation, or release, She is there.

In this course, we’ll honor Hecate in all her shapeshifting ways.

As the season of All Hallows comes upon us, She encourages us to release and let go even as the leaves fall and seeds disperse. Squirrels tuck away provisions for winter. The wooly caterpillar finds a winter home in a bark crevice. Bucks, with their great antlers, are ready to fight other males to win a mate. Leafless trees reveal birds’ nests. Colors that are ablaze in October become the grayed, muted tones of November. The first hard frost ends the summer garden and sends small animals scurrying to their winter homes. Everything in the landscape seems to die, and energy is stored in roots, as all beings withdraw to slumber and dream sweet winter’s dream.

Come along with me and take a divine pause each day to mindfully experience the shift in the seasons as we listen to Hecate’s whisper on the wind, honor the ancestors and our Beloved Dead, and enter the darkest time of the year.

I’d love to have you join me.


People are talking . . .

“Joanna has once again created an accessible portal to Spirit! In 30 Days of Brigid, the many ways of exploring Goddess were distilled into personal relationship. Each day I was invited to ponder, What does Brigid mean to me? How might I invite Her into my life and practice? How do I see Her? Joanna has offered a devotional course that is fresh, simple and profound nourishing a woman’s soul. It feeds the stars.”
Dawn Zichko

“I loved the Spring course, Joanna, as it inspired me first thing every morning. Though many mornings I had to rush to work, it began my day and allowed me to ponder throughout. I did not write as much as I’d hoped to share with you, but the questions ran through my mind and heart through each day and made me smile to get so in touch with the soul and Gaia in that way. Thank you so much for sharing this. Touching and grounding the spirit with the earth is something you are so very gifted with and it is the kind of thing that feeds my soul.”
Marsha Downs

“I really loved this process. I looked forward to sitting down with my journal every morning and spending 10 or 15 minutes exploring my thoughts and feelings via the prompts. I felt complete in the process even after such a short time, and it felt so sacred to pause and to carve out this time for myself. I loved reading the poetry and creating my own — there was no pressure to share, so this felt completely personal to me. I look forward to the next session!”
Susan Rossi

“I thank you for the 30 days of Autumn — every one of them has touched my soul.”
Kathleen M.

30 Days of Hecate is open for registration now. Your daily emails begin on Tuesday October 24th, one week before the holy-day of Hallowmas / Samhain / All Soul’s Day.



How it works:

Beloved Dead~ You’ll receive an email every day for 30 days, beginning Tuesday October 24th.

~ You respond, in the privacy of your own journal, or share online. I encourage you to set your timer for 5-10 minutes, and free-write in response to the journal prompt. Some days you won’t have time, and that’s OK. Other days you’ll write more.

You can also pick up your camera or smart phone, and take a photo each day in response to the photo/art prompt. Or you may want to sketch or make art in an art journal.

You’re most welcome to share your writing, art, or photos on social media using the hashtag #30daysofhecate.

~ We will also have a private Facebook group where you can post more privately.

~ At the end of the 30 Days, you’ll receive a PDF with all 30 of the quotes and prompts.

This is one of my new “30 Day” courses that have grown out of the “Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices” courses I offered for several years. Watch for other courses throughout the year.


If you have found this page after October 24th,
you can still sign up for this course. But your emails start the day after you sign up, and you won’t receive the ones you’ve missed. At the end of the 30 Days, you will receive a PDF with all 30 of the quotes and prompts.

“I loved receiving small gifts for 30 days from Joanna. Each email was opened. with delight. Some days I was inspired to write. Other days I was inspired to take a photo. There were a few days I just appreciated the time out of time to connect with nature. What a blessing for such a generous price!”
– Loran Hills