Gaian Tarot Readings

Sorting the cards. I regard the cards as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery. My emphasis in reading them is on insight into and clarification of the issue at hand, rather than prediction or fortune-telling. I am an intuitive reader, not a psychic one. I emphasize a balance of spirituality and practicality and will offer suggestions for concrete actions you can take regarding the situation. While my personal spiritual path is Goddess-centered, I respect all spiritual paths. I regard the reading as a conversation between myself, you, and the Great Mystery.

Liminality Sessions

For the dark moon phase of the solar year, between Hallowmas (November 1st) and Winter Solstice (December 21st) …

If, like me, you find yourself in an in-between, “I-don’t-know” space in some area of your life where the old has passed away, but the new is not yet clear … you may want to book a tarot Liminality Session with me. This session will help you make it through the dark moon phase of a particular situation in your life, helping you to gain clarity so you can move ahead.

I have only 13 spaces open for these hour-long sessions. We’ll jump on a video Zoom call or on the phone, and together we’ll explore the liminal territory through a nine card tarot spread that I created. You’ll also receive a PDF ahead of time explaining the process.


Liminality sessions are available by phone, Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime.


60 MINUTE GAIAN TAROT “LIMINALITY SESSION” via phone or video call

(Please note: there are many spots available on the calendar but I will be booking only 13 sessions. The available spots will disappear as the sessions are booked.)

I record all readings and will email the MP3 file to you. 

“Joanna’s reading was my first reading ever. She is very warm and very gentle, and she spent a long time listening to my feelings, helping me identify the main question I needed help exploring. I felt heard and understood. She walked me through the beautiful symbolism on each card and helped me see connections and opportunities in my life. It was like looking at the most important issue in my life from about eight different perspectives. Joanna showed me specific steps I could take immediately to make personal and meaningful changes in my life. I feel energized and inspired, like I’ve turned a corner or stepped through a doorway. Thank you, Joanna.” — K. Hardy, Bellingham, WA

Code of Ethics

I am not a doctor, lawyer, or financial expert and I encourage you to seek professional assistance in those areas if necessary. My role is to help you gain insight and clarity into your current situation. I do not predict fixed outcomes, as I believe that we are each responsible for how we respond to the situations in our lives. Everything shared in a session is held in the strictest confidence.

“I was referred to Joanna through a friend and went to her to gain some insight about a life issue I was dealing with. Joanna’s reading was incredibly helpful in giving me insight and guidance as to a path forward in dealing with the issue. I would highly recommend Joanna to anyone that is seeking insight and guidance for themselves or others.”  D. Petty, Bellingham, WA

I look forward to reading the cards with you!

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