Seasons of the Sun & Moon

Every year the earth revolves around the sun, creating the seasons we all know and love. Every month the moon makes a circuit around the earth, in the age-old dance of waxing, full, and waning to dark. The rhythms of the seasons and the rhythms of the moon intertwine like a strand of DNA, calling to our own wild nature within.

Come, align yourself with the rhythms of the seasons and the moon through nature practices, tarot play, ceremony, journaling, and more.

The prompts and practices in this course will guide you gently into becoming more present and alert to the deeper, hidden messages of the current season, festivals, and holy-days.

As we track the lunar tides, you will be invited to match your inner life to the ebb and flow of the phases of the moon.

moon phases

About the “30 Day” seasonal courses …

moon mermaid snow“I have been continually deeply moved and changed by Joanna’s online courses. If you are looking to connect significantly to the season and your inner soul, please consider joining me in this course. I have found that the seasons and holiday times are easily missed in the hustle and bustle of our society. Taking these courses help me to stay present and in a space of harmony as the wheel of the year turns.”~ CMC, Texas

“When working this course, I felt lots of love and effort that Joanna has put into this experience, and it was really well planned, satisfying and rewarding. There were always several options to choose from (read, write, create) and I enjoyed the freedom to find my individual way. The joy and effect of this course will linger on for quite a while.”~ NR, Germany

How It Works

At every New Moon, First Quarter, Full, and Last Quarter Moon, you’ll receive an email with seasonal and lunar teachings, as well as some of the following elements:

• Journal prompts
• Nature practices
• Tarot spreads and exercises
• Creative practices
• Ceremonies
• Making magic
• Recipes

• Herbcraft
• Playlists to celebrate the current cycle

There will be a 24/7 private Facebook group. The Facebook groups I host tend to be very welcoming, lively places where it’s easy to make new friends. You’ll be able to share your responses to the course material, ask questions, and offer help to others. I hope you join us there!

My hope is that a thriving community will come together through the Zoom calls and the Facebook group.

This course has its roots in my “30 Day” seasonal courses, but is not the same. New material is woven in, as we dance with the seasonal (solar) cycle of the Wheel of the Year and the lunar cycle every month.

(This course is geared toward those living in the Northern Hemisphere, but there will be elements that will speak to those living in the Southern Hemisphere as well.)

8 holy days

About the “30 Day” seasonal courses …

“I stayed home with some pragmatic intentions (involving paperwork and taxes) today, and instead I have spent the day mostly in the company of this fine group. I have read wonderful poetry, admired beautiful artwork and photos, been inspired to step outside and take note of my own corner of the world, voiced some personal insights and challenges, and been guided to resources to help me on my way. This is the best mini-retreat I’ve ever had, right here at home with the dogs and the rain on my roof. Thank you! I am so honored to be sharing this journey with all of you.”~ JC, Alaska

“This is my first time on the 30-Day courses and I have been made to feel so welcome, safe and protected in the FB group … A lovely experience in the depths of winter here! Thank you Joanna, and everyone…”~ PH, United Kingdom

I hope you’ll join me in rooting yourself
deeply in the rhythms of the seasons and the moon!

moon phases

About the recent Sacred Wheel course …

Snowy Solstice“I have participated in several of Joanna’s online offerings and have found them all rich and supportive of my own spiritual broadening and deepening. Her Sacred Wheel program started with the simple and evolved into elaborate and deeper content regarding how we can better appreciate the natural world and more closely follow Nature’s rhythms and cycles. As always, I was entranced with her wisdom and generosity!” ~ KS

Joanna’s deep knowledge, authenticity, warmth and humanity provide the space for a rich personal journey. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to deepen their personal growth, work and play with the tarot, and/or explore their spiritual path.” ~ CSD