Materials: Ancestor Prayer Cards

  • Backing boards. I like to work on “Ampersand Hardbord” at the 5″x7″ size, with a 1/8″ thickness. You can also work on small canvases, or cut down heavy matte board or illustration board to size.
  • Images of your Beloved Dead. You can photocopy old family photos or digitize them by scanning them or photographing them. (If you have a digital version, I will teach you how to add a sepia-tone to the photo.) You can also download images of your cultural or spiritual ancestors by doing a Google search. (I downloaded the photos of Georgia O’Keefe and Pamela Colman Smith in the samples on this page.)  You will want to size the images to approximately 3″x5″ or smaller, since we are working on a 5″x7″ canvas.
  • Ephemera related to your Beloved Dead … old letters, signatures, drawings, recipe cards, anything with her or his handwriting on it. You can either use the real thing in your collage, or you can make a photocopy.
  • Matte acrylic medium.
  • Decorative papers: colored tissue paper, origami paper, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, anything with a design or pattern than pleases you and fits your theme and color schemes.
  • (Optional): Parchment paper (for your poem or prayer).
  • (Optional): Lace paper: my secret weapon!  Especially the kind with lots of threads in it. I prefer white or natural.
  • (Optional): Oil pastels: white, gold, and other colors that relate to your color scheme.
  • (Optional): Gold pen. (My favorite is the Sakura Pen-Touch.)
  • (Optional): Rubber stamps of spirals or other sacred symbols, and a gold ink pad.
  • (Optional): Walnut ink, terra cotta or walnut.
  • (Optional): Gold craft paint for the sides and back of the prayer card.
  • Your heart.

(I’ve included links where you can purchase some of the materials. They are not affiliate links.)

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