Lady of the Radiant Flame: Create a Brigid Prayer Painting in Mixed Media Collage ~ Self Paced

Joanna's finished iconJoin me for “Lady of the Radiant Flame,” a self-paced online sacred art workshop for lovers of the Divine Feminine, especially those who are drawn to Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Healing, and Transformation.

We’ll go into the virtual studio and I will lead you, step by step, into creating a prayer painting — a unique collage portrait of Brigid and her sacred symbols (especially her sacred fire of creativity). The sample collage shown here is just one example of what you can create in this workshop.

Artistic experience isn’t required for this project. I’ll be taking you through the process, so even if you think you have no artistic talent (don’t believe it!), you can still create a beautiful icon. You’ll learn mixed media techniques and play with paint, paper, ink, glue, and more. I’ll provide imagery that you can download and incorporate into your piece (including the face of Brigid from my painting “Brigid’s Fire”).

Best of all, the collage prayer painting will become a focus for your heart’s yearnings, hopes, and dreams, all the secret places inside you that need healing or expression. The finished piece itself will be an offering and a talisman, a focus for prayer and transformation.

For every act of creation is an act of magic.

I’d love to have you join me! Together we will create our devotional offerings to Brigid, the Radiant Flame of Gold, the Summoner of Spring.

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In processWe will cover:

  • Beginning with intention and ceremony.
  • Learning about Brigid, and how you resonate with Her.
  • Gathering imagery and text. (Some of each will be provided.)
  • Working out a composition.
  • Choosing a color scheme.
  • Creating a background with papers, paint, and stencils.
  • Adhering collage elements.
  • Adding visual and symbolic interest with stamps, pastels, paint, ink, fabric, ephemera, and natural elements.
  • Telling the story of your prayer painting.
  • Practicing visio divino with your prayer painting.

You will need these materials (click here for list).

Previous students rave about this course:

“I started watching the first video to just relax into the weekend and start to plan. It is now 10:37 and I couldn’t stop. I watched them all. It was a feast! I am so very excited to begin. Beautifully done, peaceful, gentle and welcoming. Thank you for the inspiration and teaching.” ~ LL

“From my heart Joanna I wanted to thank you for the course material. I feel you are my guide, with me; your clarity inspiring me. The eyes of Brigit are very powerful. You have brought her to life. After a meditation on Monday I realized my first step before Gesso was to write in pencil on the wood panel. I want to embed words that although will never be seen will anchor the piece with their energy. Brigits’s symbols of fire and the radiant flame strongly resonate. I sketched a flame on the wood panel along with meaningful words to power created a energetic foundation. I have written a request of Brigit’s to be my muse as I create. Wanted to share in case this spoke to someone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you Joanna for creating this opportunity to bring something new into existence.” ~ JR

“The most exciting part is I have really felt myself drawing closer to Brigid through the process of gathering images. The strong healer, comforter and protector is the side I feel drawn to right now. I need some time wrapped in her mantle trusting that everything will be okay during this topsy-turvy time in my life. This is a side of her I’ve never really explored before.” ~ AD

“I am learning all sorts of new things as a result of this prayer picture project — computer skills, art skills, etc.  Your resources have led me to others I do not know/have.  I am remembering  family photos long forgotten ( i.e. – a photo of my great grandmother in Ireland next to a hearth with a black pot ).  I am so grateful to you.  I am blessed by your sharing.” ~ KC

In process w/pencils

Register Now $97