Witches' Wisdom - Reading the Herbcrafter's Tarot online course

Herbcrafter's Tarot cards and handsCome along with us and explore plant spirit magic, herbcrafting, and tarot . . .

Learn to read the Herbcrafter’s Tarot with deck creators Joanna and Latisha. Practice your reading skills while coming into a closer relationship with the botanical realm. We’ll explore the relationship between herbs and how people use them for medicine, creativity, ceremony, magic, and spiritual guidance.

What could be better?

Tarot and herbs are natural allies —
both are tools of the seer, the healer,
the witch, the wise one.

This course is for you if …

  • You’re captivated by the Herbcrafter’s Tarot and want to learn more about how to read with it.
  • You’re a tarot lover who wants to learn more about herbs.
  • You’re an herbalist or herbcrafter who wants to learn more about tarot.
  • You just want to join us, hone your intuitive reading skills, practice herbcrafting, and have some fun!

On the surface, this course is about learning to read tarot cards with this specific deck. 

But really?

It illuminates encounters between humans and plants. It’s about reciprocity, mystery, and our partnership with the botanical realm, as seen through the lens of tarot wisdom.

Joanna knows tarot, Latisha knows herbs.

Together we’ve created a deck that’s unique and wild, and always points you toward creating your own unique relationship — spiritual, practical, medicinal, magical — with herbs and other botanicals.

Here’s what a few people had to say about previous online courses Joanna has taught …

“I loved Joanna’s class! I felt it was somehow simple, easy to follow, and yet dense and rich and expansive. I love her teaching style. She’s a queen and her presence is calming and enlivening at once.” ~ RC

“Joanna’s deep knowledge, authenticity, warmth and humanity provide the space for a rich personal journey. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to deepen their personal growth, work and play with the tarot, and/or explore their spiritual path.” ~ CSD

“Thank you so very much! I adore your courses that are so beautiful and thought provoking. I appreciate the fresh, new ways you share your ‘ancient’ wisdom.”~ SV

Here’s What We’ll Cover in the Course:

We’ll include deck-specific spreads, methods of reading, spellcraft, and other creative ways to connect with the deck in addition to herbcrafting and the topics listed below.

Module 1 ~ Getting Started

  • A brief history of tarot and how the Herbcrafter’s fits into tarot tradition.
  • Key underlying philosophies in the deck like reciprocity and ecology.
  • Structure of the deck.
  • Choosing one herb / card for the course.
  • Herbcrafting video: Making a tiny broom to cleanse your deck and refresh it between readings.

Module 2 ~ The Major Arcana: The Fool’s / Herbcrafter’s Journey (Spirit / Center)

  • The Fool’s Journey through the Majors.
  • The Herbcrafter’s Journey through the Majors.
  • Keywords & archetypes for the Major Arcana.
  • Majors as the suit of Soul.
  • Herbcrafting video: Creating a mandala to honor your chosen herb / card — plus basic methods of identifying plants.

Module 3 ~ The Minor Arcana: Elements & Numbers (Air / Learning)

  • The Elemental Suits: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.
  • The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Number System.
  • Keeping the Elements and Number System in mind when doing readings.
  • Herbcrafting video: Making incense.

Module 4 ~ The Minor Arcana: People Cards (Fire / Playing)

  • Evolution of Court Cards.
  • Herbcrafter’s People Cards ~ which one do you most identify with?
  • People Cards as Teachers and Guides.
  • People Cards in Readings.
  • Herbcrafting video: Making syrups and oils.
  • Bonus! Playlists for the People cards, curated by Jennifer Lucero-Earle.

Module 5 ~ Practice Your Reading Skills  (Water / Nourishing)

  • The art of asking questions.
  • How a reading flows.
  • Reversals or shadow meanings.
  • Practice practice practice!
  • Herbcrafting video: A sensory tea experience & hand bathing.

Module 6 ~ Creative Ways to Play with Herbs & Cards  (Earth / Making)

  • “Reading” plants you encounter in a garden or in the wild.
  • Blending herbs / cards mythically and practically.
  • Compare / translate the Herbcrafter’s cards to another deck, like the Gaian.
  • Write a blessing based on the cards.
  • Herbcrafting video: Dying and decorating a reading cloth

A Gift for You:  Winter with Cottonwood and the Star

We have a free short email course for you on getting to know Cottonwood, the Star card in the Herbcrafter’s Tarot. It’s our gift to you, whether or not you register for the full six week course. Latisha and I will guide you into getting to know Cottonwood in the wild or in your local neighborhood; how to make cottonwood oil, salve, and other crafts; a tarot spread and gratitude practice, and more!

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“I have participated in several of Joanna’s online offerings and have found them all rich and supportive of my own spiritual broadening and deepening. Her Sacred Wheel program started with the simple and evolved into elaborate and deeper content regarding how we can better appreciate the natural world and more closely follow Nature’s rhythms and cycles. As always, I was entranced with her wisdom and generosity!” ~ KS

“Joanna’s deep knowledge, authenticity, warmth and humanity provide the space for a rich personal journey. I recommend this course for anyone who is looking to deepen their personal growth, work and play with the tarot, and/or explore their spiritual path.” ~ CSD

Here’s How the Course Works:

  • Every Sunday beginning January 19th, you’ll receive an email with information on the current Module, along with call-in information for the Zoom call. You’ll be able to download any PDFs needed for the module’s exercises and activities. Plus you’ll have immediate access to the week’s herbcrafting video with Latisha.
  • Live video teaching calls on the Zoom platform will be held every Wednesday at 5:30 PM Pacific time beginning January 22nd. Most of the teaching in the course will be done by Joanna. Latisha will be present on the video calls to answer any questions you might have.
  • The video calls are recorded in case you are not able to be there in person. You will usually receive the link to the video on Thursdays.
  • There is a 24/7 private Facebook group. The Facebook groups I host tend to be very welcoming, lively places where it’s easy to make new friends. You’ll be able to share your responses to the course material, ask questions, and offer help to others. I hope you join us there.
  • I will hold “office hours” in the Facebook group during the week so I can answer your questions. I will gear the timing toward different time zones.
  • All course materials and videos will be available 24/7 in our password-protected classroom. (You will sign up for the classroom when you register.) Materials will be released based on the course schedule, usually every Sunday. Recordings of the live calls will be added to the individual modules soon after they are over.

If you don’t have an Herbcrafter’s Tarot deck yet, we encourage you to purchase one from your friendly local independent bookstore. You can also order it through Amazon or other online sources. If you live outside the U.S., you can order it through the Book Depository, which offers free delivery worldwide.

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“The course was a blessing for us from our wise woman mentor, Joanna. Learning to combine tarot with the sacred cycles of nature was most valuable for me. I love deepening my relationship with nature in this way.”~ LH

“One of the most important aspects of a  group leader is to hold a safe and secure space for the group. In order to teach, share, listen and guide, the leader must be trustworthy, patient, positive and strong. When group members work on their past, present or future, sensitive issues and delicate questions often arise. Joanna, with her loving kindness, experience, positiveness, and wisdom, is a women who is a masterful group leader! I am so thankful to her for this class, and also in awe of her talented and wise heart.”~ HW

About Joanna

Joanna Powell Colbert, creator of the Gaian Tarot and the Pentimento Tarot, has been an artist, teacher, and convener of circles for over thirty years.

She was named by SageWoman magazine as one of the Wisdom Keepers of the Goddess Spirituality movement. Joanna teaches workshops and online courses on earth-­centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, and using tarot as a tool for inner guidance and self-­exploration.

About Latisha

Latisha Guthrie is a writer, hearth keeper and plant lady who wants to live in a world where story is sacred and the handmade is holy.

She has taught herbcraft and kitchen witchery as tools for creating joy and connection for over ten years. When she’s not writing, you can find her mixing potions, foraging for snacks on her family homestead, and re-learning geometry with her homeschooled kiddos. She is currently building an enchanted food forest and herb’n learning sanctuary with her family in the Pacific Northwest.