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How to Make a Spirit Doll

How to Make a Spirit Doll

In the summer of 2012, when I was planning a sacred art practice for my first Gaian Soul Retreat, I stumbled upon the idea of making Spirit Dolls. I’m not sure how the idea came to me, as I’d never made one before. Through trial and error, I came up with the process I share with you in this ebook. I expect this to be only a guideline, as I know what can happen when creative energy runs wild!

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Reflections on Presence and Place

Reflections on Presence & Place

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated ebook of my nature musings and essays, previously published in SageWoman magazine and in my blog. Topics range from moon lore to island life to an account of my “Journey to Avalon” in the UK.

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A Crown of CandlesA Crown of Candles:
How to Throw a Fabulous St. Lucia Party

Are you interested in celebrating the winter holidays with more meaning, mystery and delight? Let us show you how . . .

Every year since 1997, my spiritual community has celebrated the winter holidays by throwing a large party in St. Lucia’s name. We love Lucia because she is a strong, beautiful, female icon of the Christmas season. The sight of her unexpected appearance in the midst of a bustling party, head crowned with blazing candles in the darkened room, never fails to thrill the assembled guests.

Like many of us, you may feel alienated by the commercial Christmas season and disconnected from mainstream religious observances. With this party, you can carry on the ancient tradition of kindling light and fire at the darkest time of the year, while gathering together in community with your family of choice.

I wrote this eBook to inspire you to create your own celebrations full of mystery, magic and joy!

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