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Tarot Prompts for November

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Here are a couple of tarot / journaling prompts for you … and my own responses to them.

What do I need to know about the coming month of November?

Gaian Tarot 5 of EarthI pulled the Five of Earth from the Gaian Tarot in answer to this question. I just had to smile, because the imagery in this card looks very much like the view from my window right now — bare trees, rain, and leaves whipped up by the wind, drifting into piles on the ground. The 5 of Pentacles is traditionally a card of deprivation, illness, loss, and survival concerns. My own particular twist on the card in the Gaian Tarot is to show a person who knows s/he has the survival skills necessary to build a shelter to survive the storm, whatever that storm may be.

Over the years I have heard many people describe this card as very comforting. They call it the “hunkering down” card. It’s time to hunker down and wait out the storm. I have the sense that this card is about literal storms, as we often get in November in the Pacific Northwest. I think it’s also about the political storms brewing in the US as well as other parts of the world. We all need to remember that we do have the skills and the resilience necessary to see it through.

We might ask ourselves: What are my survival skills? How do I cultivate resilience?

Your turn. What do you need to know about the coming month of November?  

What wisdom do I carry with me into the season?

Choose a question, either Autumn or Spring. Pull a tarot or oracle card and let the imagery spark suggest a way to finish the sentence:  

The rooted wisdom I carry with me as I inhabit the darkest time of the year is …

The blooming wisdom I carry with me as the earth bursts into flower is …

Gaian Tarot MoonI pulled the Moon from the Gaian Tarot.

The rooted wisdom I carry with me as I inhabit the darkest time of the year is … the knowledge of the Sacred Wheel of life / death / renewal in my very bones. I am grateful for the teaching that Nature Herself has given us: as the moon waxes to fullness then wanes again, we know that all things begin, blossom, come into full flower, wither, release seeds, and die. When times are hard, we have the promise of renewal. We know that the time of grief and loss won’t last forever. When times are good, we can cherish them, knowing them to be evanescent and all the more precious.

Last night I watched the almost-full moon rising in the east, hiding her face behind storm clouds, then coming out to shine in all her brilliance. My heart rejoiced to see her, La Luna Bella, my beloved friend.

The model for the priestess in the Gaian Moon card was my friend Charlotte, who was an organic farmer for decades. The sweetgrass in my garden that I harvest every August comes from her farm. She died on Winter Solstice three years ago; her photograph is on the altar for our Beloved Dead. I like to think that she is one of the ancestors whose voice is whispering in the wind.

Your turn. What wisdom do you carry into the next season? 

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .