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Turn the Wheel toward Hope

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Dark Madonna & Daughter by Joanna Powell Colbert

Blessed Solstice to you & yours.

On this shortest day of the year, we celebrate the ancient rhythm: Dawn is born from the womb of the darkest night. On this day, so the legends tell us, the Great Mother gives birth to the Child of Wonder.

Many of us are experiencing despair, depression, and fear over the current political scene. We may be troubled as well by events in our personal lives. This past week, I’ve been listening to audio books and podcasts as I sit at my drawing table working on new pieces of art. I often return to a talk on the Fourfold Way that cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien gave about fifteen years ago.

“Whenever you’re disheartened or dispirited or depressed in indigenous cultures,” Dr. Arrien says, “they may ask you one of four questions:

When in your life did you stop singing?

When in your life did you stop dancing?

When in your life did you stop being enchanted by stories,
particularly your own life story?

When in your life did you start being uncomfortable
with the sweet territory of silence?”

She goes on to say in her classic book The Fourfold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary that “it has long been recognized that these healing salves [singing, dancing, story, silence] reawaken and sustain the divine child within us and return to us the qualities of wonder, hope, and awe.”

Let’s not reduce these wise words to a pretty graphic meme to post on social media.

Let’s live these words.

On this day, let us sing, dance, tell our stories, and sit comfortably in sweet silence.

On this day, let us turn the Wheel once again toward hope.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Lisa Wed - Jan 11th 2017 9:25 am

    Dear Joanna,

    Happy Birthday!! I have always looked forward to your wisdom in Sage Woman and your own projects and writings that I was able to read or see.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom over the years. You look great and I wish you many more happy birthdays and hope you have a wonderful year. I would take your seasonal classes, however it would not be fiscally sensible of me at this time even though they are very well priced. I would recommend them to all however.
    Bright Blessings and Peace..Lisa

  • Jana Thu - Jan 12th 2017 7:24 am

    Dear Joanna,
    Your painting of the Great Mother and that beautiful Child of Wonder touched my being so deeply! It feels like the very Heart of Solstice.

    Happy, happy birthday to you, Beautiful One! So glad you had a merry gathering and were royally celebrated by friends and family. I celebrate your work and presence on the planet. Wishing you vibrant health, peace, ease, and much joy!

    Of all the teachings I have discovered over the years since you helped me with my first web site many years ago, nothing speaks as simply and clearly to my heart and soul as the messages, stories, images, and heartfelt sharing that I find here at Gaian Soul. They are my soul food. Blessings and appreciation to you, Joanna!