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The Edge of Summer

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I have to admit it. Summer is one of my favorite seasons in the Pacific Northwest. After months of overcast skies and cool temperatures, the Sun appears like a gift of grace.

Here are a few of my Instagram “moments of grace” from the past few weeks.

mountain & heron

Dusk, last night, around 9:30 PM. Eight more herons foraging for dinner, just outside the frame of this shot. Nine of Herons. Waning moon, low tide. Loving the long days of summer.

herb gardenv

I moved my office out to the herb garden today. I spent a couple of hours writing, and a couple of hours weeding and planting. Seems to me it’s pretty much the same thing: delete and add, delete and add. What is cut out, what stays in? It’s the same for our lives too. Projects, relationships, belief systems: What gets weeded out? What gets watered and nurtured?

wild rose

Rose of my heart. The wild roses of summer arrived early this year and are everywhere … The fields and hedgerows, roadsides and beaches, are dazzling with these pink and magenta beauties. I always love to toss a wild rose into the waves on Summer Solstice, asking that my prayers be carried out on the tide. I wonder if they will still be blooming on the longest day of the year.

young buck

Easy Sunday morning, sitting on the front porch in Pop’s old rocking chair, watching bees and hummers and, high above, eagles and doves and crows. And visited by this young buck, who seems to be as curious about us as we are about him.

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