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May Morning, Ten Years Ago

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May Morning 2005(Click on the image to see a large version of it.)

May Morning 2005 Detail

On May Morning 2005, I stepped outside my front door, sketchbook in hand, and was stunned at the beauty that lay before me.  Instead of heading down the road for a morning of nature journaling, I spent the next three or four hours happily sketching away.  I can still remember the warmth of the sunlight, the scent of lilac and lavender, Cleo the kitty hiding from Rex the dog, swallows swooping overhead, the calls of red-winged blackbirds and chickadees, the sense of deep contentment and feeling rooted in Place.

Ten years later, the hawthorn tree is still there and so is the lilac bush. The Douglas fir Yule tree planted in 2000 is higher than the second story of the house. We buried both Rex and Cleo, and different neighbors live in the houses across the road. The herb garden is in a new infancy, and I have no doubt that one day it will be this beautiful again.

Grateful for the memory of that precious May Morning.

Happy Beltane!


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Janhavi Fri - May 01st 2015 2:02 pm

    So Beautiful! 🙂 Happy May Day!

  • Gerda Mon - May 04th 2015 5:30 pm

    My dearest Joanna, thank You again for Your wonderful letters , I enjoy every word of You,
    what You doing in nature whit Your shetshbook besite Your lovely grand dhaughter ,She ‘s really
    a look alike of You.Your retreits and Your way for living,You are a beautiful LADY
    So sad I live to Far from You to following Your great readings,but I reed the retraits in Jour
    emails You sent me end I feel lucky,happy, Really wish I could ther besite All this spirituel
    people ,walking in nature ,sitting together telling their dreams etc.
    Wish All of You the best end may Bles God You end childern .Here in Belgium it is next sunday
    Mothers day ,so I wish All the group spirituel Mothers a very HAPPY MOTHER DAY.

  • Rita Wed - Jun 03rd 2015 5:38 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Joanna!