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Sneak Peek! “Personal Tarot Icons” Online Art Workshop

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I’ve had a lot of fun the last few days, finishing up the tutorial videos for my new Online Sacred Art Workshop (the second one this year!), Personal Tarot Icons. 

It’s part of 21 Secrets Spring 2015, which releases on April 1st.

In my workshop, I’ll guide you (through video, photos, and written instructions) into choosing a personal tarot card, writing a prayer or poem about it, and incorporating the card and your poem into a mixed-media collage piece. Sounds like fun, yes?

The video above gives you a sneak peek at it!

“Personal Tarot Icons” is part of 21 Secrets Spring 2015 and is open for registration now at the pre-release rate of $89 for all 21 workshops.

The workshop materials (videos and PDFs) will be delivered on April 1st.

I hope you join me!

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