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Opening the Door to 2015

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“I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.”
— William Faulkner

“Those who unleash their craft do not wait for the Muse; the Muse is like one’s breath, one’s arm, one’s hips, one’s eyes … the Muse is always there, waiting to spring into action if only we lay out an empty space. Seed goes first to the places which are most empty.”
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés

I spent the New Year’s / Full Moon weekend creating a container for the Muse to fill this coming year — otherwise known as planning.

I’ve been planning my business year in increments since last fall. But this weekend, it was time to break out the paper calendars and colored pens, the laptop and new iPad Mini. (I taught myself to use Evernote efficiently this weekend, and it just may change my life.)

Nearby I had my New Year’s Reading all laid out, and my copy of the luscious Entrepreneurcast that Theresa Reed did for me, all marked up and annotated with colored sticky notes.

I was in business.

fire-fireplaceThe weather cooperated. It rained all weekend, and then it rained some more. The contrast between soft golden candleglow and lamplight inside, with the dark grey downpour outside, seemed to warm me up from the inside out.

For me — as a heart-based, spiritually minded entrepreneur — there is no separation between my art, my spiritual path, and my business. It is all one. I see myself as practicing three art forms: visual art, writing, and teaching / creating experiences for people. They all feed each other. (Oh yes, I do know how lucky I am. And so grateful.)

My blogger friend Hecate says that putting things on a calendar is an act of magic. And I agree wholeheartedly. Although (as we have seen) I’m keeping myself open to serendipity. After all, the card that showed up in the place of “What do I open up to, in the New Year?” in my New Year’s Reading was Lightning /  the Tower! (I’ll take bolts of inspiration out of the blue instead of crises, thank you very much!)

Many Wise Ones have told us that when it comes to creativity, you don’t wait for inspiration to strike and then get to work. No, you make a date with the Muse, show up for it, sit down at your table, and get to it. Then the Muse shows up.

And She did. (Of course She did.)

I emerged from the weekend with a plan, and consecrated it under the light of the Full Moon, hidden behind thick rainclouds.

january rain

So here’s a look at some of the things I’ll be doing in 2015, remembering — always — to never become so rigid in my plans that I can’t shift and change, following as She leads. Last year was full of surprises. And this year? We shall see.

I’m planning my work and working my plan — and throwing the door open wide. Come on in, 2015! Let’s make it a good one.

Coming Up in 2015

January / February: “It’s a Wrap” Mentoring and “Soul Care Sessions” available.
January 29th: Sacred Art Video Workshop #1 (yes! I’m excited about this! More info soon!)
March: Gaian Soul Retreat with co-teacher Lyn Belisle

April 1st: 21 Secrets (with my “Personal Tarot Icon” workshop) is released.
April: Mama Ocean Blessing Bags will be available again.
April: Readers Studio 2015, New York. (I’m attending RS15, not teaching. Three of my favorite teachers and tarot buddies are the key speakers this year: Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Theresa Reed, and Carrie Paris. I’ll be leading a Tarot Incubator Process session on Deck Creation on Sunday morning.) Plus, a visit to granddaughter Gracie in Maine!

May: New ecourse, “Reading the Book of Nature,” is released. (I’ve been incubating this one a long time.)
June: Gaian Soul Retreat with co-teacher James Wells
September: Gaian Soul Retreat

All Year: Regular Sacred Art video workshops
All Year: Revised seasonal ecourses in a new form
All Year: Finish and polish my Shapeshifter: Wheel of a Woman’s Life book manuscript, working with developmental editor Christina Baldwin.
All Year: Create artwork for the book.
All Year: Be open to serendipity and surprises!

(There’s more on my calendar, but this is all I want to share right now. Surprises are good for the soul, yes?)

I hope you’ll join me for some of these luscious things coming up in 2015. Love & Blessings always!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Diane Tue - Jan 06th 2015 9:07 am

    I look forward to joining you for some and am excited for you and those who will experience your magic for all.

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Tue - Jan 06th 2015 10:45 am

      Wonderful, Diane!

  • Cari Ferraro Tue - Jan 06th 2015 9:30 am

    Lovely, Joanna! I am impressed with your planning process. I also did your New Year’s spread and the Tower appeared for me as the key challenge of the new year. Yes, let’s spin this! Also thank you for introducing me to Christina Baldwin’s work. I found a special book of hers, Life’s Companion, at the used bookstore last week, about the spiritual practice of keeping a journal. Here’s to a productive and soul-satisfying new year!

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Tue - Jan 06th 2015 10:47 am

      Cari, yes, let’s definitely spin the Tower! 😀 So glad you found a copy of “Life’s Companion.” That was Christina’s first book (I think) … first published in the early 1980s, I believe. It’s a good one. I’m very excited to be working with her on my book this year. She has already had a lot to do with shaping it.

  • Loran Hills Tue - Jan 06th 2015 9:36 am

    You have a very juicy year planned out! Thanks for the inspiration.

    As you know, I ‘m also a “heart-based, spiritually minded entrepreneur — there is no separation between my art, my spiritual path, and my business.”

    My plan will emerge at the end of January. I’m getting a little help from my friends!

    May you have a blessed 2015.

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Tue - Jan 06th 2015 10:44 am

      I do know that, Loran! 🙂 And I think our plans unfold in increments. There are so many variations on when the New Year begins … November 1st, Samhain; Winter Solstice; January 1st; Imbolc, February 1st; or Spring Equinox. All of those work. For me, the secular New Year’s Day falls so close to my birthday, it works the best for me. I’m looking forward to hear all about your plans!

  • CHRISTINA**'**FITZPATRICK Wed - Jan 07th 2015 5:01 am

    Today is the day for happiness unlike none other… Each year calls out for another Joyce time we’ve blessedly had the privilege to live and experience in our lifes. Remember BIRTHDAY GIRL, BEAUTIFUL JOANNA FREEDOM OF HER OWN SPIRITUAL PATH, LOVE, AND UNDERSTANDING. Each year we all get to experience the more reason to be sincerely excited and worth time. Which is KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM
    thank you Joanna

    P.s today January 7 is my sons birthday as well
    °°°MAKE A WISH°°°

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Wed - Jan 07th 2015 8:17 am

      Thank you so much Christina, and Happy Birthday to your son!

  • Lili McGovern Wed - Jan 07th 2015 12:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and plans! It helps motivate me to do likewise. Happiest 2015, Joanna! I hope we’re able to meet this year. Nam myoho renge kyo, Lili

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Thu - Jan 08th 2015 4:24 pm

      Thank you Lili. It would be lovely to meet you!

  • Lilette Wed - Jan 07th 2015 2:46 pm

    Thank you for the free meditations Joanna. Happy Birthday and good luck with all your plans. As usual you are very inspiring. I am in Australia – Southern Hemisphere, so my celebrations are opposite to yours. Still, I get a lot of inspiration from reading your newsletters and can feel your energy all the way across the globe. Bright blessings for 2015.

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Thu - Jan 08th 2015 4:25 pm

      You are so welcome, and I’m glad the newsletters are still inspiring, even if they’re upside down. 🙂 Hope you are having a lovely summer.

  • Shanshin Wed - Jan 07th 2015 2:47 pm

    Happy Birthday Joanna. All the best for your new year. love & peace…

    • Joanna Powell Colbert Thu - Jan 08th 2015 4:22 pm

      Thank you so much, Shanshin!