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Intentional Silence for the Darkening Time

in Musings & Meanderings

owl booklet
owl booklet

I’m going to go intentionally silent on the blog for the month of November.  (And I’ll be pulling back from social media, too.)

I see that I’ve been doing it unintentionally already — posting only videos and photos here for the last month.

It’s not that things aren’t going on, but they are all going on beneath the surface. Appropriate for this time of year when our energy goes down into our roots.

I am writing up a storm behind the scenes — working on my book (working title Shapeshifter: Wheel of a Woman’s Life), and on other short pieces I’ve promised here and there. I’ve set myself an intention of finishing the first draft of the book by the end of the year. (It’s more than half done.)  That means — less talking, more writing.  

I am writing down my dreams each morning.

I am jotting down phrases and images that come to me in meditation.

I’m making notes about business plans for 2015.  (It feels funny to write down the word “business.” Because my soulwork is my business. So I will rephrase:  I’m making notes about soulwork plans for 2015.)

I’m doing a lot of writing as I create Mama Ocean Blessing Bags for clients . . . As I write up the accounts of signs and omens I saw while on my medicine walks, I find the words flowing, an extension of the reading of the auguries.

I am going on these walks to the beach twice a day or more now, in all kinds of weather.  I’m becoming more and more attuned to the moods of the tides, the wind in the woods, the flight of the seabirds.

All are leading me to silence. 

I’ll speak in imagery while I’m gone — photos, mostly — on Instagram, cross-posted to other social media, and here on the blog.

And I’ll be back.  We all need to retreat a bit now and then.  We need to visit the well of inspiration, bathe in moonlight and raindrops, and emerge refreshed and renewed.

It’s best, during the darkening time of the year, when the trees go bare and the nights grow long, to keep silence.


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • judy Fri - Oct 31st 2014 1:42 pm

    Honouring your commitment to the dark and the silence with a supportive Sssshhhhhh.

  • Diane Fri - Oct 31st 2014 1:47 pm

    How lucky I was then, to have a reading with you earlier this week! Enjoy your hibernation.

  • Barbara Fri - Oct 31st 2014 2:10 pm

    Love that you’re honoring what your soul needs at this time (and what we all need at this time, as you said). Bask in the silence. By the way, I’m beyond excited that you’ll have a book forthcoming! Love & blessings to you, Joanna.