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Blessed St. Lucia Day!

in Wheel of the Year, Yule






Today we prepare for our 17th annual St. Lucia Party, in honor of She Who Heralds the Imminent Return of the Sun. It is a joyous and bittersweet time. A few months ago, Craig and I decided this would be the last Lucia Party that we host in our home. It’s time for someone else to pick up the flame, just as I did when I started hosting a Lucia Party after the death of Helen Farias in 1994. Here are some of my favorite photos from Lucia 2000. They were taken by our friend Paul Bingman, who is also sadly no longer with us.

May Lucia bless you with bread for your bodies and light for your souls!

(I wrote a book about this party, called A Crown of Candles: How to Throw a Fabulous Lucia Party. It’s available as a printed book and as an ebook. It’s everything I know about creating this special Yuletide event!)

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