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My Business Advisors: Heron, Orca, Crow

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dawn(I wrote this last Saturday morning. Craig and I went away for the weekend to a house on the water, about an hour south of Bellingham. It was part romantic getaway, part business retreat, and altogether soul-renewing.)

I wake in darkness edged by a dim golden light from coals burning low in the bedroom hearth. I wrap a blanket around me and walk to the window. At home, I wake to the woods, the dance of cedar and hemlock, maple and alder. Here, I wake to the shoreline, the inland sea and the islands beyond, shore pines interlocked with madrones, patterns of shadow and current on water. I watch, transfixed, as the sea and sky slowly lighten. I put match to candle, honoring my own spirit and the spirit of this Place.


It’s a quintessential Northwest day in November, when the sky and sea are the same dull grey, with touches of indigo, forest green, and white here and there. I could watch the water all day and never be bored. Yesterday when we arrived, I walked to the water’s edge and was immediately greeted by Sister Heron — not one, but two! —A good omen indeed for this weekend of dreaming and planning, as Heron is an epiphany of the Goddess to me. Later as we walked the rocky Snee-oosh beach, I looked west toward Hope Island and Whidbey beyond (Deception Pass is due west I believe), and to my delight saw big spouting splashes that had to be orca whales!  Over and over again I watched them splashing, enthralled, my eyes constantly scanning the water. Such a joy to see them and feel so welcomed by them too.  First Heron, now Orca (thinking of my Canoe card) — powerful juju indeed.

whalesThe sun must have risen above the eastern horizon behind me, because the cliffs of Whidbey Island are glowing with a warm rosy hue, and the shadow of the island hills on water has changed color from indigo blue to olive green with a touch of yellow ochre. The sky is suddenly full of crows! One – two – three – four – five – six – seven! soaring by my window.

Heron. Orca. Crow. I will carry your medicine and your wisdom with me into this weekend of dreaming and business planning and writing.  Guide me, bless me. I am yours, in gratitude, always.

Time to brew another cup of coffee.


(Home again:  I am happy to report that this Place worked its magic. Heron, Orca, and Crow brought me visions and epiphanies, and now I am refining my plans and getting down to details.  I am marking up my calendar with colored pens, scheduling new offerings for the coming year. More about those soon. Grateful.)

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