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Retreating at Autumn Equinox

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Autumn altar with candlesThe third Gaian Soul Retreat has come and gone, and once again I am blessed beyond measure by this work I am called to do, and by the women who gather in circle at Aldermarsh each spring and fall.

We were blessed by early morning mists rising in the meadow, and late afternoon sunshine in the gardens.
We walked across the serpentine path to Marsh House, our gathering place . . .
Path through the marsh
. . . where we held council (passing around a shell found just that morning on the beach, as a talking piece).
council circle
We spent time on the land communing with the nature spirits . . .
sacred land
. . . and poured our hopes, dreams, and sorrows into sacred art.
sacred art
We offered our gifts to each other,
. . . and connected with new friends and old.
We feasted on scrumptious handcrafted meals . . .
. . . made from greens, fruits and vegetables harvested that day in the Aldermarsh gardens by our chef Elaine Nichols of the Radical Rolling Pin, and her helper Colleen.
dinner prep
We allowed tarot cards to open doors to deep conversation,
tarot convo
And we admired each other’s creations, listening to the deeper stories behind them.
We sang to the rising moon (and Helga played her cedar flute to the moon too), and held ceremony for the Autumn Equinox.
moon and altar
Some of us visited Mama Ocean at Useless Bay
Useless Bay by Christina McClendon
. . . or walked the labyrinth at Chinook.
Full hearts.
joanna & group
Until next time. Blessed be.
group laugh
(We retreat to Aldermarsh twice a year, just before the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. Click here to sign up for the Early Bird List, for announcements of the retreats. We’d love to see you there!)

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