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Spring Slowly Unfolding

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Our faces turned white by the bright sunlight!

Yesterday Craig and I went in search of signs of Spring in the nearby woods, and sadly did not find any skunk cabbage yet in bloom (one of my favorite signs of spring!). But the sun deliciously appeared, and we bathed our faces in its warmth.

I went to write a blog post about our walk, but discovered a similar blog post I wrote at this time last year, “In Search of Lady Spring,” which is one of my all-time favorite posts.

It begins:

Here in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, March begins in rain.

And in snow.

Yesterday I counted three kinds of snowflakes: big, fat, fluffy ones; thin watery ones; and hard pellets of hail.

Today I woke to a chickadee’s call.

I hear a faint whisper:  “Persephone returns!”

They say that in Seattle (a hundred miles to the south), the salmonberry is in bloom, snowberry is leafing out, and the yellow lanterns of skunk cabbage are rising from the primordial mud. On the island, I’m told, the red-flowering currant is beginning to blossom.

But not here.

Click here to keep reading (and see the lovely photos and illustrations!).

Meanwhile . . . Wednesday March 6th is the last day for the early bird price on my e-course, Gaian Soul Practices for Spring, that starts next Sunday the 10th.

In this session, we will emphasize nature journaling (with camera, drawing, and/or writing), on finding a “secret spot” outside, and closely observing the seasonal changes in your own (proverbial) backyard.

We’re also going to study some of the Maiden Goddesses and Goddesses of Spring, along with the myths of the dying and resurrected gods who were precursors to the Christian story we all know so well.

As always, there are art projects, nature practices, spiritual practices, and journaling prompts that arrive in your inbox each day.

If you’ve ever longed to experience the archetypal season of rebirth and resurrection in a mindful, creative, nature-based way — this may be the course for you.

I’d love to have you join me and a warm circle of lovely souls who have already gathered to walk this path together!

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