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Mindful Tarot Musings: the Star

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Last month, I started Mindful Tarot Musings, a gathering of mindful writers here on the blog. I posted a Gaian Tarot card, and we all practiced the art of mindful writing, using the card as a spark. I loved the responses that came in about the Temperance card! (You can read them here.)

Card for the Sagittarius lunation (Dec 13th – January 10th):   The Star

There are many ideas for mindful writing below, or you might want to answer some of the following questions that are specific to the Star card. I wrote some of these for the companion book to the Gaian Tarot.

  • What gives me hope?
  • Where and how do I find bliss?
  • What is the North Star or guiding light of my life?
  • How do I connect with the Great Mystery, God/dess, the Grace?

My Musings on the Star

Exercise: Where and how do I find bliss?

The place of Bliss is always there. It’s like a shop that we know exists in our town — perhaps a purveyor of local, organic produce — but we only go there once in awhile because it’s a little out of the way. But in reality, all we have to do is set our intention, get on our bicycle, and go there. The door is always open. The fresh yummy vegetables are waiting to come home with us and nourish our bellies. All we have to do is open the door to that out-of-the-way market.

And so it is with Bliss.  That state of Oneness-with-All-That-Is, of Divine Love, of Refreshment of the Spirit is always available to us. We just have to set our intention and go there.

But how?, you may ask. Well, that’s a path that’s unique to each one of us. For me?  It’s meditation. It’s ritual. Deep breathing. Listening to soulful music. Walking in the woods. Gazing at the sparkling sunlight on the water. Moonbathing. Devotional singing. Getting caught up in the ecstasy of making art.

The door is always open. I just have to go there.

Here’s How “Mindful Tarot Musings” Works:

I’ll choose the card for the lunation and post it here, along with writing prompts and questions.

You respond with mindful writing, in any form you like.

You can post your writing in the comments below, and also on your own blog, if you like. If you do post on your own blog, please link back to this post:

Not Divination, but Contemplation:

The intention of this exercise is not necessarily to use the cards as a tool of divination, but instead as a creative spark. So don’t get bogged down in wondering “but what does this card mean?” And don’t go look up the meaning in a book. Just relax.

We’re not writing to discover divinatory meanings here (although that might be a side benefit). Instead, we’re writing as a meditation, a musing, a contemplative practice to stay centered in the present moment.

Ideas for Mindful Writing:

Choose one or more of the following techniques:

  • Breathe deeply. Allow your eyes to travel over the image, until your gaze is caught by one detail. Write about it.
  • Free-write for 3 minutes. Set a timer, then write quickly without editing or censoring yourself. Afterwards, you can edit and shape your writing if you like.
  • Imagine meeting one of the figures or elements in the card (human or non-human). Enter into a dialogue with him, her or it. Let the conversation unfold. Write it down.
  • Step into the “skin” of one of the figures or elements in the card (human or non-human). Write with her, his, or its voice.
  • Write about any personal associations you have with the card, or a memory that comes up because of it.
  • Write in a poetic form like a haiku (3 lines of 5 syllables / 7 syllables / 5 syllables).
  • Answer one or more of the questions at the top of this post, that are specific to this particular card.

I can’t wait to see what you write!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Julianne Coye Thu - Dec 20th 2012 3:06 pm

    O solitary maiden,
    where have you been?
    to the stars and back.
    what did you find there?
    a way through
    Can you show me?
    yes, I can but you already know how.
    How do i go to the stars?
    Breathe deeply and allow your mind to rest.

    • Tracie Nichols Fri - Dec 21st 2012 6:40 am

      I love this Julianne!

    • Joanna Mon - Dec 31st 2012 6:45 am

      I love this, Julianne. Sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale to me . . .

  • Tracie Nichols Fri - Dec 21st 2012 6:40 am

    sweet water
    still water
    star water
    glimmer of peace and hope
    cupped in my hands
    sparkling in my body
    gleaming in my heart
    oh I wish, I wish, I wish
    for bliss…

    • Joanna Mon - Dec 31st 2012 6:45 am

      Gorgeous, Tracie!