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I’ve just come home from an extraordinary retreat at my beloved Aldermarsh. This retreat, led by Christina Baldwin, was called “Self as Source of the Story,” based on her book Storycatcher. During the week, the Muses shook me upside down, spun me around, and put me back together again.

This morning I resisted the urge to dive into work first thing. I didn’t even look at my burgeoning to-do list of tasks, emails to be answered, decks & art prints to be packaged and shipped, a newsletter to format, not to mention preparations for our annual St Lucia party that will take place next weekend. (I can’t believe I am hosting 40+ people at my house next Saturday night!)

Instead, I set up a little writing altar on my art table — a scarf, candle, vial of clarity oil, a quartz heart given to me by a friend at a writing retreat in Taos two years ago, prototype oracle cards from my new project, my copy of Storycatcher, and my little pewter Sleeping Goddess of Malta, who sat on our retreat altar at Aldermarsh all week long. I lit the candle and murmured, “I am now entering writing time.”

And the Muse met me.

After the Gaian Soul Retreat last September, some of the women who attended asked how we can keep the retreat alive, after returning to our everyday lives.

I think we do it like this:

by relentlessly guarding the time we need to write, to meditate, to ponder, to make art — to tend the fires of our inner lives.

And that is my Yuletide wish for you:  that you will make time, every single day, to keep the sparks of your soulfire glowing brightly.

(Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day to register for my Yuletide/Midwinter e-course with the early bird price . . . and Friday, December 7th, is the last day for the early bird price for the Gaian Soul Retreat: Brigid’s Feast at Aldermarsh in February. I would love to have you join me for either, or both.)

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Barbara I. Wed - Dec 05th 2012 9:03 pm

    You are so very right. We cannot be our best possible selves otherwise, or be there for the ones we care about. Aldermarsh looks heavenly – I’m making it my goal to attend one of your retreats one day! It’s practically in my own backyard – just a short ferry ride away. Wishing you a joyful St. Lucia party – I’m sure it will be amazing! Winter blessings to you!
    Barbara I.


    • Joanna Thu - Dec 06th 2012 7:59 am

      Thank you Barbara. I hope you can join us at Aldermarsh one of these days! Blessings.


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