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  • Jean Fri - Nov 23rd 2012 2:20 pm

    I think I know all about self care, Joanna.

    – eat pumpkin pie before dinner,
    – have leftovers for breakfast,
    – let your sleep schedule go to hades,
    – open all your doors and windows and invite the warm breeze to dance through your house,
    – when your cats get on the counter pick them up and threaten to eat them with gravy (then give them big, wet, sloppy kisses and watch them squirm)
    – consider taking a walk, then curl up with a book
    – finally use that quilt your mother bought 45 years ago and kept in the closet all that time
    – tell everyone that you absolutely do not exchange gifts
    – make pies for all the people you love and drop them off at unexpected times
    – pet your cats while chanting your mantra
    – stretch like a cat

    I think that about covers it… ?


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