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Mindful Writing on All Souls’ Morn

in Mindfulness, Writing

I’m participating in Mindful Writing Day, sponsored by Fiona and Kaspalita at their blog, Writing Our Way Home. They encourage us to write “small stones” in this way:

Slow down, pay attention to one thing and write it down (making a small stone.)

I have three small stones to share with you this morning. Blessed All Souls’ Day!

Dollop of coconut milk in my coffee cup 
as stiff as egg meringue, but thicker. 
Dissolving sweetly when I pour the coffee in.

Soft yellow candleglow on All Souls morning.
Photographs of sweet ones, now passed on,
amid grinning Días de los Muertos skulls and dancing skeletons.
Fathers, mothers, friends.
But riddle me this: how can my child become my ancestor?
Did he visit me in my dreams last night?
I can’t recall.
The dream-threads frayed.
We pour out our blessings on you, Beloved Dead.
May all your wounds be healed. 

Empty suet feeder, lonely wire cage. 
Ghosts of chickadee, nuthatch, northern flicker, steller’s jay . . .
No more clamoring.
Entering the silence.

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .