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How to Make A Spirit Doll: Step 5 (Face & Crown)

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Now that you’re are well on your way to having your doll finely dressed, it’s time to attach the doll’s face to her “head,” to add hair, and create a crown or headdress of some kind.

The terra cotta faces that Lyn Belisle makes have holes in them, so you can easily tie the face to the sticks above the arms. Use strong waxed thread to tie it on. You might want to add some cotton balls to pad the space between the face and twigs.  You can also use a glue gun if you need to.

You can create hair out of yarn,

. . . especially the kind that pulls apart and gets fuzzy. Be sure to put a little hair on the top edge and sides of the face. One of the women at the retreat brought mohair from her Angora goats. It makes fabulous hair!  (I found a source for it on Etsy here.)

Create a headdress or crown of some kind.

You could add corn husks or wheat heads for an autumn theme. You could fill the “branches” of her headdress with bird beads. You could add gemstones, beads, anything that comes to mind. You could tie ribbons from the sticks, too, or drape a gauzy cloth like cheesecloth through the branches, letting it hang down.

If your face has extra holes in it, you can dangle a few beads from it. Use black waxed thread and put several beads on it, then tie it through the holes. Let the tail end of the black thread be part of the design.

Tomorrow, we’ll embellish and decorate the doll even more.

A complimentary PDF of the whole process of making a Spirit Doll can be downloaded here.

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