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How to Make A Spirit Doll: Step 4 (Dress the Doll)

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Yesterday we created the doll’s body. Today we dress her!

Choose different pieces of fabric and different colorful yarns to wrap an outer garment around the doll.

There is no one right way to do this. I like to rip the fabric into strips. Tuck feathers, leaves and other items into it as you wind the strips around the doll. Add more cotton if needed between layers. Try different textures, like cheesecloth, lace, silk, leather, whatever you have on hand.

You can make a “cape” by letting some fabric flow from the shoulders and arms, or give her a shawl. You can make a skirt!

Just like you did with the undergarments, you can tie bits of cloth or yarn together, or sew the clothing together with needle and thread. You can also use a glue gun.

Play around and see what happens. (I’ve been told the doll will tell you how she wants to be dressed!)

A complimentary PDF of the whole process of making a Spirit Doll can be downloaded here.

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  • sherry Sun - Oct 20th 2013 12:58 pm

    I love these soo much!! Thank u for sharing. ..I find it interesting that almost to the day a year later after your post I find this info available. These really call to me more so than ones stuffed and bodies made from cloth. Making a spirit doll has been at the back of my mind for some time. Nothing until I saw these called to me. So again I thank you!! I Will probably make several for the different aspects I need… totally awesome!!!