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How to Make A Spirit Doll: Step 3 (Make the Body)

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We set our intention, gathered our supplies, and painted the doll’s face. Now we’re ready for the body.

Bundle together a group of sticks, about 12″ – 18″ long, depending on how big you want your doll to be. Tie them together with twine or sturdy string.

Then make another, smaller and shorter bundle for the arms, and tie those together. Then tie the “arms” onto the “body.” Now you have a shape that looks like a cross.

Alternatively, if you want the arms to point downwards, you can make two small bundles (one for each arm), tie them together at one end, then attach them to the main body with a glue gun. You can also use the twigs and branches you’ve gathered to suggest poses for the arms and legs. At the retreat, some of the women came up with graceful, joyous dancers!

Rip some fabric into strips for the “undergarment.”

Wrap cotton balls or batting around the body. (You might want to put a few drops of essential oil on the cotton.) You can also use Spanish moss, or flat herbs like English sage.

Then wrap the “undergarment” strips around the cotton and herbs, forming a plump body. Don’t forget to add extra for breasts!  Start from the middle and move down. Then wrap the arms, and then the head. Leave some of the sticks coming out of the “head” for a headdress. Knot the strips of cloth together as necessary. You can also wrap yarn or twine around the cloths, and knot those. You could also use a needle and thread as necessary.

During the wrapping process, you can tuck secret things inside the body of the doll: a crystal charged with your intention, for example, or a little piece of paper with a prayer written on it.

Tomorrow we’ll “dress” the doll.

A complimentary PDF of the whole process of making a Spirit Doll can be downloaded here.

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