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Meet Theresa Reed, Chief Executive Oracle

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Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady“Turn your passion for Tarot into a polished + profitable business.

This year. For real.

Want to know the number one reason why most tarot businesses fail?

The CEO (Chief Executive Oracle) isn’t running her tarot business like a business.

It’s that simple.”

So begins the story of Theresa Reed’s new offering, Tarot Business in a Box.

I’ve known Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, for a few years now. Recently, we’ve been talking frequently about ways to do our authentic work in the world while building businesses that flourish. Her new offering, “Tarot Business in a Box,” is an incredible gift to tarot readers who want to build a prosperous, professional business. There is no other product out there like this one! I still can’t get over the price, especially the introductory price. It’s a steal. (I’m not part of an affiliate program for this product — I’m just extremely impressed with it. Can you tell?)

So I invited Theresa for a Gaian Soul Chat about best practices for building a tarot business. (Plus, I will be hosting her for a free teleseminar Thursday night July 12th. Details here!)

Tell us a bit about your experience as a thriving tarot professional. 

Theresa:  I’ve been working as a tarot professional for over 20 years now.  I feel fortunate because I am making a living doing something that I am passionate about, which is helping people with tarot.  I’ve also been lucky in that I was able to make a living doing this work right out of the gate.  It wasn’t always easy though – I had to learn how to be a businesswoman in addition to reading tarot. Plus, I am an introvert – so getting out there and marketing was scary for me!

Running a business requires a lot of effort but it is so worth it.  I not only get to do what I love but I get to set my own hours and live my life according to my rules.  That is worth any of the hassles that comes with being self employed.

In my experience, being a tarot professional requires a few things: solid knowledge of the cards, a deep love for people, a desire to serve, strong ethics, integrity, good business skills and most importantly, a thick skin.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to someone just starting a tarot business?

Theresa:  Run your business like a business, not like a hobby.  Go pro.  Which means: investing in your business, treating your clients and colleagues with respect, setting up a proper website, getting back to people in a timely manner, setting a schedule, and charging a fair rate.

How about for those who have been in business for awhile, but are not making a living at it?

Theresa:  If you have been at this game for a while and you are still struggling, you need to step back and look at what you are doing – or not doing.  There are many reasons why a person is not able to make a living doing this work.  Often it is because the person is not marketing their business – or they are marketing to the wrong audience.  For example, I’ll see tarot bloggers who write posts that appeal to other tarot readers but is perhaps way over the head of someone who is looking to purchase a tarot reading.  If a client sees that sort of writing, they’ll assume your site is all about teaching tarot for your peers rather than them, and this may cause them to take a pass on your site.

There are many other reasons too but poor marketing seems to be the number one problem.

Who inspires you to be a better businessperson?

Theresa:  Oh, lots of people!  But my main inspiration is JayZ.  In fact, I have his picture right up on the wall and on my computer screen!  The reason why I admire him is because he came from nothing and had a hard early life.  But he kept on persisting even through failures to become one of the most iconic rap artists ever.  People who stay focused on their dream and who continue to plug away, day after day – those are the ones who inspire me to keep on keepin’ on.  I like ambitious workaholics – I’m not one for laziness.

Whenever I am tempted to whine about my work, I look at the people who have had to really work through immense struggle and hardship to arrive on top – that keeps my eyes focused on the prize and my nose to the tarot grindstone.

Tell us about your new product, “Tarot Business in a Box.”  What’s in it?  What will it do for us?  What makes it different from other books or e-courses on tarot as a  business?

Theresa:  Tarot Business In A Box is the program I wished I had when I started my business!  This digital product will help any aspiring tarot pro get their business set up properly, learn some basic business skills and enter the tarot industry with confidence and professionalism.  I’ve put this together specifically for tarot people because there really isn’t much on the market that helps us to learn how to be “business” people.  We have plenty of places to learn tarot – but nothing on how to go pro gracefully.

This product is built on my 20 plus years experience – and it’s written in a friendly manner with no complicated icky business speak.  I’ve put it together to serve my fellow tarot peeps well so I’ve made it easy to understand, fun, and full of information that is useful for tarot professionals.  I cover things such as basic business structure, client boundaries, money mindset traps, marketing, websites, and more. I include a manual, a copy of my popular “Social Media For Tarot Readers”, mp3 recordings of all the chapters, plus some mega bonus interviews with business strategists that I know and trust: Erika Lyremark, Alexandra Franzen, Denise Duffield Thomas, Bari Tessler-Linden, Yolanda Facio and Shenee Howard.  And there is more….but you’ll have to go check out the site when it launches to see all the goodies.

Tarot business is still business but there are unique challenges to our work and I think I’ve addressed them well in this e-course.

What is the most important thing you want people who hope to have a thriving tarot business, to know?

Theresa:  That if they really want to have a successful tarot business, they CAN.  It’s not only the privileged few who get to do this.  It’s those of us who know HOW – once you learn how, you’ve got it in the bag!

Thank you, Theresa!

Theresa Reed (alias: The Tarot Lady) is an intuitive Tarot reader, astrologist & yogi with over twenty years of professional experience, industry street cred for miles, and thousands of clients in her digital rolodex. She’s devoted to helping people make better decisions & lead happier lives — using Tarot as an instigational tool for confident, bold & emotionally-intelligent action — in life, in love & in business. When she’s not thumbing through her favorite deck or lip-syncing to gangsta rap, you can find Theresa chilling around her virtual ‘hood at and on Twitter at @thetarotlady.


Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady Wed - Jul 11th 2012 6:24 am

    Joanna, thank you so much. It was a pleasure to chat with you about business – and I cannot wait for our call tomorrow!


    • Joanna Wed - Jul 11th 2012 7:03 am

      My pleasure, Theresa. I so appreciate the work you are doing!

  • Arwen Wed - Jul 11th 2012 9:05 am

    Excellent interview. I wish I could be on your call tomorrow night, ladies!

    • Joanna Wed - Jul 11th 2012 9:09 am

      It will be recorded, Arwen. No worries!

  • Jo | Crafting the Sacred Wed - Jul 11th 2012 12:50 pm

    Oh this is a wonderful offering, Teresa, and thank you Joanna for letting us know.

    One of the things that I often hear from my regular clients is that they got put off by a previous reader who was late for appointments, rescheduled constantly or had other flaky business practices. No matter how good your service is, if your clients do not feel respected, you say goodbye to success.

    • Joanna Wed - Jul 11th 2012 1:33 pm

      You’re so welcome, Jo! I love your comment — because I hear a lot of complaints from readers about flaky clients, but it goes the other way too, doesn’t it?

      Theresa has a lot of hard-earned wisdom to share, for sure.

  • Sharyn Thu - Jul 12th 2012 6:51 pm

    I posted a link to this post at AT, there have been so many threads lately about how to really kickstart a tarot business. thanks for sharing!

  • Rhoswen Thu - Jul 12th 2012 8:32 pm

    It’s 8:30 p.m. PDT and I just followed the AT link here to find I’ve missed the show! Drat.

    There’s a mention above that it will be recorded. I’m ALL EARS to learn about a way to access the recording.

    Thank you so much for offering this to the tarot community.