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“A Four-Fold Path to Tarot Excellence” with James Wells

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Next week is the second birthday of the Gaian Tarot Circle, and we are going to celebrate!

I hope you will join us for this free teleseminar with my friend James Wells next Thursday, June 7th.  And . . . if you are on the call live, you might win a one-hour tarot consulation from James too. Such a deal!

“A Four-Fold Path to Tarot Excellence”
with James Wells

James WellsImagine your tarot readings pulsing with presence and truth, lavish with heart and possibility.

Mmm…doesn’t that feel good?

What needs to be at the table in order for that to happen?

One model for how to be a complete tarot consultant is the Four-Fold Way, an approach by anthropologist Angeles Arrien that calls upon the gifts of four archetypes: Warrior, Visionary, Healer, and Teacher.  Living the ways of all of these archetypes brings us to wholeness; practising them in our tarot work imbues our sessions with power, creativity, love, and wisdom.  Rooted in indigenous understanding, the Four-Fold Way is a suitable companion to the Gaian Tarot’s nature-honouring core.

Join James Wells to explore and awaken the four archetypes in your calling as a practitioner of tarot.  You’ll discover those which you naturally embody and those which need strengthening so that your readings can be artful acts of insight and healing.  During the call, you’ll receive helpful information, do a reading for yourself using Four-Fold Way concepts, and integrate your discoveries through group sharing.

This enriching time together will inform your tarot work for a very long time.  Please join James and the rest of the Gaian Tarot Circle!

Thursday June 7th at 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern
Call this number: (206) 701-8388
Backup number: (323) 476-3672
Pin Code: 528955#

You can find local numbers to call here, including Canada, the UK and Australia:

To Skype in (audio only): Dial “joinconference” from your Skype dial pad and enter 528955#.

Or listen from this link:
No password needed.

Chat room will be open and moderated by the Tech Goddess Shari Smith!

Some simple preparation for the June 7th call:

Your deck should be separated into five sections — Majors, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.  (James will be using the Gaian Tarot for this class, but you can use any tarot deck you like.)

This will keep us efficient and on track for the various sections of the call.

>>>Download the handout for this call here (PDF).

Recommended Reading:
Angeles Arrien, The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer, and Visionary
Angeles Arrien, The Tarot Handbook: Practical Applications of Ancient Visual SymbolsCynthia Giles, The Tarot: Methods, Mastery and More


A Chance to Win a One-Hour Tarot Consultation with James!

People who participate in A Four-Fold Path to Tarot Excellence on June 7 are eligible to win a FREE personal session with James!

Why is he giving away a free one-hour consultation?  Because he lives for occasions when the tarot sparks “aha!” moments, enlivening people’s best qualities and motivating them toward their goals.  In fact, he loves those moments so much that he wants to share one with someone on the call.

James’s way of working with the tarot is very different from just spouting off a list of pre-fabricated meanings to try and impress the client.  It’s less about “accuracy” and more about “insight”.  This deep way of interacting with the cards allows the person to come first.  Tarot, as James teaches it and uses it, is a proactive tool.  Neither the cards nor “fate” make things happen, YOU do!

James is excited to share this manner of using the tarot with you!  In an age that values separation, greed, and brokenness, a meaningful conversation over these symbolic cards can catalyse sharing from the heart, connection, healing, and the generous offering of our gifts to our beautiful aching world.

The winning name will be drawn from a list of who is present — on the phone or in the chat room — during the teleclass.  Will you and James be looking at the tarot together in a free one-to-one session?  Join us on June 7th and find out!

JAMES WELLS is a Toronto-based motivational listener, consultant, teacher, host, and facilitator who is dedicated to merging soul and strategy.  From childhood, he has been curious about what makes people and the universe tick.  Through tools and processes such as circle methodology, tarot, reiki, and journal writing, James and his clients and students are inspired to remember their creativity, resourcefulness, and wholeness.  Whether at home or abroad, whether in personal sessions or in workshop settings, he provides an experience of council mind.  In his “me time”, James enjoys reading, writing, music, walking, close friends, and good food.  He is the author of Tarot for Manifestation and co-creator of the soon-to-be-released Circle Ways Tarot Deck.  Please visit him online at

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Shane Thu - May 31st 2012 7:56 am

    I would love to attend this but I won’t be available, I was wondering if this will be recorded and available afterwards for people unable to attend.

  • Joanna Thu - May 31st 2012 7:59 am

    Hi Shane – yes, absolutely! It will be recorded, and I will post the recording link here, and on the Facebook Gaian Tarot page ( I’m sure James will be posting it too. Thanks for asking!

  • Ulrik Golodnoff Thu - May 31st 2012 3:15 pm

    Dear James
    Having studied the tarot for 40 years, I am always eager to learn more, + exploring how video conferences are done. I look forward to your session.
    Love and light,
    from Denmark

    • James Wells Thu - May 31st 2012 7:20 pm

      Dear Ulrik,

      Greetings from Canada!
      I’m happy that you’ll be joining us for this session. Your 40 years of experience will mean that you can focus on the new material and integrate it with grace. Looking forward to your presence next week.

      With many blessings,

  • Sylvia Thu - May 31st 2012 3:48 pm

    James, I look forward to listening to the seminar recording link, learning more about your spirit, and tarot work. How wonderful it is to see Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot card “Nine of Water” on the cover of your book, “Tarot for Manifestation.” It’s heartwarming to see so many great teachers sharing knowledge with eager students at all skill/experience levels. I’m struck by the quote from musician Miles Davis, “Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” Sparkles and ocean spray, Sylvia )O(

    • James Wells Thu - May 31st 2012 7:22 pm

      Dear Sylvia,

      The Nine of Water makes a smashing book cover, doesn’t it? It’s heartening when many people can share their skills and knowledge; that web of connection can only help our culture. It will be a pleasure to have you join the call next week. I hope it contributes to your well-being and to the well-being of life around you!

      With all possible graces,