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Make Time for Outdoor Play, Art & Mindfulness this May!

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Memories of May Day: my young friend Chloe

One of the reasons I love the season of Beltane is that it gives me permission to act like a maiden again. (That’s a photo of my friend Nora Cedarwind and me at an island May Day celebration some years ago.)

I love making crowns of lilacs, daisies, and sweet woodruff to wear in my hair. I love making May Wine, and toasting my circle-companions on May Day. I love celebrating my own sensuality with silks and scented oils. I love dipping strawberries into melted chocolate and delighting in the sweet, juicy nectar.

I love getting up before dawn on May Day and washing my face in lilac dew!

And I loooooove the songs of May! (See below for some of my favorites!)

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you these things when May Day is still a couple of weeks away, it’s because I always feel the tide begin to shift about two weeks before the next holy-day. And that’s why my seasonal e-courses always begin about one week ahead of time — in this case, a week before May Day.

In my experience, the energy of each of the eight holy-days on the Wheel of the Year is most intense for about 3 days before and 3 days after the actual day.

My new e-course, Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices for Beltane / May Day, starts this Sunday April 22nd. The last day for the early-bird price is tomorrow, Wednesday April 18th.

nature journalIf you’re thinking that you don’t want to spend the beautiful days of late Spring inside, glued to a computer screen, I hear you, and I’m totally with you on that!

In these courses, I encourage you to go offline, get outside, and interact with the natural world. And to make art! Take contemplative photos! Write in your journal! Spend some time in spiritual practice, including tarot play, making altars, and mindfulness meditations.

I’ll teach you about nature journaling (like the page you see above) and May Day crafts, like making May baskets and floral head wreaths. I’ll share my favorite seasonal tarot spreads, and other spiritual practices like leaving offerings of cream and honeyed butter for the Fair Folk.

And, always, I encourage you to keep an (offline) visual journal where you can write, doodle, sketch and explore yourself and the world around you.

We’ll be diving deep with these themes during the course:

• Flowers, Faeries, Goddesses and Green Men
• Bringing in the May ~ Celebrating Beltane
• Love (of Self, of Others, of the Divine)
• Sacred Sensuality, Sacred Sexuality
• Green Love / Biophilia: Guardianship of the Land

Now doesn’t that sound yummy? 🙂

beltane altar

I make four short videos each week to present the material to you (a Reflection, a Nature Practice, an Art Project and a Spiritual Practice), and you can also access it in written form as a PDF and also as an audio file. Different learning styles for different folks!

And each morning (5 days a week) you’ll receive an email from me with a beautiful photo, inspiring quote, and journal prompt. Some folks tell me the daily email is their favorite part of the course.

And (of course!) you don’t have do it all, but only what calls to you and inspires you.

Here are three of my favorite May songs — I just love singing these!

“Cambridge May Song” by Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith,

“Hal an Tow” by Tempest,

and “Merry May Folk” by Emerald Rose.

Whether or not you sign up for my e-course, I hope this email has inspired you to get outside and celebrate the month of May!


P.S. Here’s what one woman, who has taken all of my seasonal e-courses so far, recently said:

“I appreciate how the coursework has begun to inform my awareness, even without my active participation sometimes.  I realize that the experience of taking these classes and engaging with the materials supports my love for the earth and my desire to always write, make art, and play.  Most importantly, the classes are an abiding companion in my life’ work — to feel deeply connected to the Mystery. Thank you, again, Joanna, for bringing it together for me.”
– Suzie M.

All the details are found here. Don’t miss the early bird price! (Ends Wed April 18th)

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