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FreyasDay* Link Love

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Quite a number of yummy things caught my attention this week . . .

Kelly Kingman on “The Revolution will be Visualized.”   As someone who loves both art and words, I have mixed feelings about how our culture is becoming more image-oriented and is moving away from words. But I love her opening line:

I believe that drawing skills will soon rival the importance of reading and writing in our schools. 

Kelly calls the shift from words to images a “course-correction,” and links to Dan Roam, who wrote a manifesto about this called The 5000-year History of How We Lost Half Our Minds.

Visual literacy . . . hmm.  No wonder I love Tarot so much!

And speaking of Tarot . . .

There’s a new Tarot review site in town, published by the Tarosophy folks. I was honored to have my own Gaian Tarot featured as its first review last week.  This week, the work of two of my Santa Fe friends are featured:  Jordan Hoggard’s Tarot in the Land of Mystereum, and Lisa St. Croix’s deck-in-progress, the Tarot de St. Croix.

Meanwhile Christine Kane reminded me about Attention Splatter.  I love how she always brings me back to basics, like “no more than three priorities per day.”

Finally, my friend Waverly Fitzgerald, who inspires me and teaches me so much about Living in Season, was inspired by last week’s FreyasDay Link Love post to start her own. Her links this week are all about Plants and People.

Have a grand weekend, lovely Readers!

(Image found here. Concept by Sunni Brown via Dan Roam.)

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