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FreyasDay* Link Love

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I took this photo of a prayer flagpole on a stormy day, last weekend at a friend's house.

I love reading Susannah’s and Marianne’s Friday blog posts, where they share links to all kinds of yummy stuff they’ve come across during their week online.

Even though I’m training myself to spend less time online and more time at my art table, I still find lots of inspiring stuff on the web to share.

Here’s what inspired me this week:

This book made my heart stop more than once (in a good way!).  I wrote a review of it for SageWoman magazine, which I’ll share here after it comes out in print. Seriously stunning photographs of contemporary girls and women emulating the Goddess within.

Goddess Leonie on Quitting Perfectionism!  One of my favorite themes.

You Get a Choice.  Mmm-hmmm!

This poem.

Jordan Hoggard’s “Vital Discipline Tarot Spread”, brought to you by the Land of Mystereum’s Family of Twos.  🙂  A spread to help you “sharpen and polish your highest good.”  Oh yeah!

Jason Smalley’s seriously stunning photos and story, “Our Place, Our Land” that he shared on my blog this week. And the most wonderful Barefoot Breathing e-course, starting its Spring session this weekend.

Lisa Hunt asked some of her friends and colleagues (including me!) what success means to them, and gathered up the responses. So much food for thought!

And . . . I’m dreaming of my annual April pilgrimage to New York City and the Readers Studio. Maybe I’ll go see this!

Have a lovely weekend, dear Readers!

*You know the word “Friday” came from the Nordic Goddess of Love & Beauty, Freya, right?  So FreyasDay is a perfect day to share the love. 

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Jordan Hoggard Fri - Mar 02nd 2012 10:08 am



    • Joanna Fri - Mar 02nd 2012 10:21 am

      🙂 This spread is calling me. I plan to do a reading with it this weekend!


      • Jordan Hoggard Sat - Mar 03rd 2012 9:35 am

        🙂 I look forward to your perspective! I am loving the so-many-ways people run with them, walk with them, sit with them, play with them.


  • judy Fri - Mar 02nd 2012 10:35 am

    Oye! so much rich reading.. how will I ever stay away from the computer long enough to make all those bags and bracelets for RS?!
    Do keep them coming though, I’ll just have to use some self-discipline.


    • Joanna Fri - Mar 02nd 2012 10:38 am

      You and me both, Judy! In fact . . . shutting. laptop. NOW. 🙂


  • Wendy Fri - Mar 02nd 2012 12:26 pm

    That was so fun!! Thanks for sharing. I can always visit your site and leave it feeling less lonely. Thank-You.


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