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Tarot Blog Hop: There is a Candle in Your Heart

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(This post is part of a Tarot Blog Hop, the brainchild of Stephanie Arwen Lynch. A group of tarot bloggers are all blogging on the same topic today, “How can I be the best candle?” in honor of Candlemas. 

The blogger before me is the lovely Jaymi Elford, and the one after me is the astounding Jordan Hoggard.  Be sure to check their blogs out, and hop on through to the others!)

Gaian Tarot Four of Fire“How can I be the best candle?” I mused, and immediately flashed on one of my favorite poems by Rumi:

There is a candle in your heart,
      ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
      ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?

You feel the separation
      from the Beloved.
Invite Her* to fill you up,
      embrace the fire.

Remind those who tell you otherwise that
      comes to you of its own accord,
      and the yearning for it
      cannot be learned in any school.

In the Gaian Tarot Four of Fire, a woman stands within a sacred circle, the four directions marked by tall votive candles. A dozen smaller candles mark the rim of the circle. She is breathing deeply, allowing the energy of the desert night to flood her body. Energy moves up from the earth and down from the sky into her body. Kundalini rises, power flows, all blocks are gone. She is marking a personal rite of passage and exulting in her own empowerment.

This woman has, in Rumi’s words, embraced the sacred fire. She is no longer separate from the Beloved, but instead is filled with Her. Indeed, the Beloved has taken up residence as the candle in her heart.

How can I be the best candle? By opening my heart to the Beloved and embracing the sacred flame of passion, creativity and love.

How about you, dear Reader?  How might you be the best candle?

Do the Tarot Blog Hop!

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*Since I am a devotee of the Great Mother, I changed Rumi’s “Him” to “Her.”

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Jordan Hoggard Tue - Jan 31st 2012 4:59 am

    Sacred-Fire-Namaste, Joanna. Resonant! And, the rockin’ woman in your Four Of Fire card has SUCH a giggin’ dance posture!

  • Lisa Tue - Jan 31st 2012 5:03 am

    Inspirational message and beautiful image to illustrate. Thank you for sharing, Joanna!

  • Carolyn Cushing Tue - Jan 31st 2012 5:05 am

    The 4 of Fire is perfect for this topic. The Sun is in my post and Arwen is using the Gaian. I wonder how many times it will pop up on the Hop!

  • Zanna Starr Tue - Jan 31st 2012 7:03 am

    I love that 4 of Fire card, Joanna! It’s perfect with the Rumi poem. I enjoyed this stop on the hop very much!

  • Arwen Tue - Jan 31st 2012 7:37 am

    Love this, Joanna. And the poem is scrumptious. I feel all ablaze as I hop through all the blogs. Wow.

  • Deborah Outland Tue - Jan 31st 2012 10:31 am

    Wow, Joanna! This really hit home for me! Thanks you for the lovely message! I’m off to the hop!

  • Donnaleigh Tue - Jan 31st 2012 1:45 pm

    What a most perfect card to embody this energy! And just like the candle takes in the oxygen, so does she, rich and full, shining her heart light in exchange. I loved this part:

    Remind those who tell you otherwise that
    comes to you of its own accord,
    and the yearning for it
    cannot be learned in any school.

    Well done!

  • Chloe Tue - Jan 31st 2012 1:48 pm

    I love your incredibly spiritual yet down-to-earth take on this. Beautiful poem and a wonderful card to match!

  • Claire-Marie Le Normand Tue - Jan 31st 2012 10:18 pm

    yes, what everyone else said. A beautiful interpretation, and Rumi so often resonates and deepens tarot’s messages.

  • Jordan Hoggard Thu - Feb 02nd 2012 1:19 pm

    I’ve had a question since I received your wonderful Gaian Tarot. The woman on the cover of the book, from the Star . . . is that Pat Benatar? I had SUCH a crush on her when I was younger, and it really bright-eyed the Star’s celestial groove when I first saw it. It works both ways, but Pat-Benatar-light focused calmly with an eyebrowed smile sure shines through.

    • Joanna Thu - Feb 02nd 2012 1:57 pm

      Hey Jordan! No, not Pat Benatar, though I see the resemblance. The model was my friend Electra, who lives here in Bellingham. But I always tell people that whatever *they* see in the cards trumps the book meaning every time, so I think it’s pretty cool that the Star card has an overlay of Pat Benatar-magic for you!

  • Joanna Thu - Feb 02nd 2012 1:58 pm

    I can’t believe I didn’t respond yet to all of your lovely comments. Thanks for all your lovely notes. I enjoyed this Blog Hop so much, and I’m looking forward to the next one!