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Weekly Wisdom: Bringing Fire & Light to Cold Winter Snows

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Gaian Tarot Magician

Over in the Gaian Tarot Circle, we’ve been talking about Winter.  We began by wondering where the heck Lady Winter was, with reports of unseasonable warmth around the continent and the globe.  Then (almost because She knew we were whispering about Her), She swept in with a vengeance in a number of places, notably the northeast.  As I write this, I’m watching a lovely soft snowfall out my window, and we’re being told to prepare for a stormwatch here in Bellingham.

I’m interested in how the seasons affect us emotionally and spiritually.  Winter can bring depression and desolation, but it can also be the nurturer of dreams.  I’ve been working a little bit “out of season,” as I prepare the materials for my upcoming e-course on the tide of Imbolc / Candlemas (Brigid’s Day is only 2 weeks away!)

So I pulled a card this morning to ask:  What do I most need to know about the coming tide of Winter-Turning-to-Spring?, and pulled the Magician.

It seems to me that the Magician is telling us that we need to create our own warmth and light when there is so little of it outside, and that includes nurturing our dreams and desires. When depression creeps in, we need to make a choice to light a metaphorical fire and fan its flames. 

For me, that means a conscious turning-away from negative thoughts, and a choice to focus on the things I’m grateful for, no matter how grumpy I may feel at first.

The Magician’s fire is one of transformation.  Transforming the slumbering seeds of winter into the sprouts of spring.  Transforming glumness and despair to hope and joy.

(As a side note, I’m working on a sketch for a new piece of artwork called “Young Brighid Brings the Spring” — and in a lovely synchronicity, I drew a flame above her head, against a backdrop of melting snow.  Brigid has a lot in common with the Magician!  Both bring fire and light.)

What wisdom does the Magician have for you, dear Readers?

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .