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Weekly Wisdom: Reflecting on the Year Gone By

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Gaian Tarot 3 of Air

Like my friend Waverly Fitzgerald, I always do a Life Review during the week between Solstice and New Year’s. Before dreaming new dreams for 2012, I take a look at the year gone by. (Waverly calls this “shutting the door on the old year.”)  This week, I gave the following exercise to the folks who are taking my “Gaian Soul Practices for Midwinter” e-course:

Make a list of the months of the past year, and write down the major theme of the month (in terms of what was going on in your inner and outer life).  Ask yourself what events made a great impression. What were the challenges and triumphs of each month?  What did you accomplish and what do you regret?

In reviewing each month, I first rely on memory by jotting down the events (outer and inner) that first come to mind.  Then I check my calendar, my journal and my blog. It’s interesting to notice what events I remembered, and what I forgot until I saw something that jogged my memory. Some years I have done a tarot reading every New Moon (although I didn’t, this past year.) If I did, I scan those readings and see what insight they can. Finally, I give each month a title that sums up its theme.

It seems to me that the 3 of Air is a perfect card for this process, especially if the past year has had its fair share of challenges. Here’s what I wrote about the Three of Air in the Gaian Tarot companion book:

A man writes furiously in his journal, his thoughts and feelings pouring out onto the page. He may be working out issues that trouble him and are reflected in the image that turned up for his “card of the day” practice. Pen, pencil and feather stand in a red glass jar, anchored in place by river stones. Behind him are shelves of books filled with ideas, inspiration and wisdom.

When you get this card in a reading . . .

You are caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, either positive or negative. What rushes through your mind? What ideas, memories or scenes replay themselves in your head, over and over again? Use the tools of the writer to release these ideas and emotions onto the page. Consider keeping a journal as a tool for self-exploration and understanding.


Insights emerge as I document my thoughts and feelings as words.

How do you reflect on the year gone by, dear Readers? And what wisdom does the 3 of Air have for you?

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Shell Thu - Dec 29th 2011 3:44 am

    I just pulled the 3 of Air this morning. To come to your blog and see it here is like a big clue for me.
    As the year ticks down, 3 of Air is a reminder to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings from events this year. So I can start 2012 with fresh ideas and thoughts for the new year.


    • Joanna Fri - Dec 30th 2011 7:23 am

      Mmmm, I just love it when synchronicities happen like that, Shell! Happy New Year to you!


  • Rain Fri - Dec 30th 2011 3:01 pm

    After reading this and your ideas for evaluating the Old and New Year, I couldn’t resist giving it a try to see what card would come up for me for this process. Shuffle, cut, deal… Three of Air. I find it a little amazing but then I frequently do with Tarot. Thanks for the tips


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