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Weekly Wisdom: Faith, Hope & Love

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Gaian Tarot Star

Are “faith, hope and love” only Christian virtues?  I think not. I think we find them in spiritual traditions all over the world, and very potently in the tarot Star card.

One of the beautiful things about these cards is that they always seem to give us the perfect message at the perfect moment. Personally, I needed to hear all about the Star today.

Swedish tarot reader Anna Johansson is a Gaian Tarot Circle member. Yesterday she posted this in the GTC forum:

Now that I finally got my working copy from Llewellyn, I could let my son (6 years old) hold and choose the Card of the Day for me! So he did with great joy! What he drew was the Star.

When I asked him about what was shown in the picture, he answered as if it was the most simple and clear thing in the world: “God!” I am astounded by the clarity and wisdom that comes from those with a pure heart! 

Well, that put a huge smile on my face!  Even though “God” is not my preferred term for the Great Mystery, Anna’s son’s meaning is unmistakable.  In this card, we see Hope. Faith. Love.  The calm after the storm and the promise of peace.  It’s no accident that this card follows Lightning (or the Tower) in the sequence of Major Arcana cards.

This card today reminds me of a “blogue” post my friend and sister-priestess Lunaea Weatherstone recently wrote about her tough year and the faith that sustained her, even when the only prayer she could manage at times was “I’m lost.”

Here’s what I wrote about this card in the Gaian Tarot companion book:

A time of peace and tranquility follows the lightning and storms of the previous card. A woman kneels before a sacred spring that is filled with starlight. In her hands, she cups the Water of Life. Soon she will take a deep drink and be filled with renewal, hope and inspiration. Her body becomes suffused with light as she experiences herself at one with all beings.

Above her the Pleaides rise, those dancing Seven Sisters who symbolize our heart’s home. Behind her is the celestial stream between Heaven and Earth, known as the Milky Way, where pilgrims travel from one realm to the next. Beside her the Kingfisher reminds us of the halcyon days of peace and plenty. With our inner ear, we hear a voice proclaim: “I am the Soul of Nature, which gives Life to the Universe. From me all things proceed, and to me all things shall return.” More than anything, the Star Goddess represents grace, a divine connection that is unearned and freely granted.

Let us take our hope and inspiration from the Star of Wonder. May She remind us to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the multitude of blessings in our lives.

How does this card speak to you, dear Reader?  Where do you find faith, hope and love?

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