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A Gaian Soul Chat with Beth Owl’s Daughter

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Beth in the woodsMy good Goddess girlfriend Beth Owl’s Daughter will be leading a teleseminar discussion on the “Plant Allies of the Gaian Tarot” for the Gaian Tarot Circle next week, on July 19th. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to hearing what she has to share about the Green Ones!

This “Gaian Soul Chat” is one in a series of interviews with interesting people I know whose life work is intrinsically involved with Nature, Creativity and Spirituality. And, quite often, the Tarot.

Beth, what do you love most about the Tarot?

I love the beautiful, ever-changing ways that it blends things:  art and magic; the literal and the imaginative. I love that its mastery requires both a left-brained command of history, scholarship and lore, with right-brained intuition, creativity and heart.  I love how it can switch the role of the reader to the quiet participant, handing over the power, revelation and magic to the querent.

“Every day, along with the Ancestors and Divine Ones, I walk and talk with the Spirits of the Land where I live.  This includes the indigenous humans who lived in this area long ago, as well as the animals, plants, Good Folk, Guardians and Mysterious Ones who currently reside here.”

I love that I learn from every reading I do, and I love that it is a powerful, steadfast truth-teller and friend.  Oh dear. I could go on and on!

How do you best love to express your creativity?

I play the guitar pretty well, I garden a bit, and I enjoy fooling around with watercolors. But most of all, I love to write. Okay, really, as many writers will tell you, “love” is not always the precise word.  Sometimes it is more of a love-hate thing.  Thomas Mann spoke the truth when he declared, “A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

But there it is – it is who and what I am, and I have known it since I was about eight years old.

Beth and Joanna at the Readers Studio, April 2011

I journal in morning pages every day, I blog articles and essays several times a week, I write a monthly column for The Meta Arts Magazine, as well as my own monthly newsletter. I always have several Tarot and non-Tarot projects going.

And thanks to a nudge from Gaian Tarot Circle sister Della Kurtz, I recently attended a local workshop with Jan Phillips that has given me a renewed commitment to my fiction writing.

What kind of creative projects are you working on now?

Right now, I am in love with creating and leading my series of classes and workshops I call “Tools for Transition.”  So far, they have only been available to local, in-person participants, but that is going to be changing.

As one of my heroes, Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Through skill-building and community, these classes support those of us who are creating a new, holistic culture of beauty, harmony and wisdom.  As one of my heroes, Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”   More information about my Tools for Transition classes can be found here.

I am also in the process of reviewing my past seven years of blog posts.  I want to consolidate some of my favorite discussions into e-books and other compilations that people might find useful or interesting.

And lastly, I have a short children’s novel that has been languishing in a file drawer for years.  Again, thanks to Della and the Jan Phillips workshop she recommended, I have decided it really needs to see the light of day.

What is your relationship with Nature (aka Mama Gaia) like? How does Nature inspire, impact or heal you? How do you define your spirituality or religion?

This is all one thing for me.  Mama Gaia is at the center of my life. She is the focus of my spiritual practice, how I live in my home, how I thrive and live in every part of my daily life.

Since I was about nineteen, I have known that All That Is is an interconnected, living, aware, dearly Beloved Being.  For most of my life, long before I knew there were modern-day Druids, Witches or Pagans, I called myself a Pantheist – meaning that everything that exists is the living Divine.

The core of my spirituality for over twenty years has been in the Reclaiming tradition of Witchcraft, which practices the religion and magic of the Goddess: the Immanent Life Force.

I have also been deeply influenced by Victor and Cora Anderson’s Feri Witchcraft, Zen Buddhism, and Goddess studies.  I also incorporate into my daily practice elements from Celtic, shamanic and Faery practices.  All of these traditions are profoundly Earth-centered.

owlsdaughter's woods

Owl's Daughter's woods

Every day, along with the Ancestors and Divine Ones, I walk and talk with the Spirits of the Land where I live.  This includes the indigenous humans who lived in this area long ago, as well as the animals, plants, Good Folk, Guardians and Mysterious Ones who currently reside here.  I am always guided and blessed with the awareness of this deep interconnection and interpenetration of Nature and other worlds.  It informs all that I do, all that I am.

How is Tarot part of your spiritual practice (if it is)?

The Tarot is a most powerful, trusty tool that gives voice to conversations with Mystery. And it is also a collection of some of my dearest, oldest friends, Allies and Guides.  I work with the Tarot in my rituals, my meditations, my creativity, my prayers, and my dreams.

Please tell us a little bit about what you’re going to share when you teach your teleseminar on the Gaian Tarot Circle.

Gaian TeacherI’m going to be presenting a workshop on “Plant Allies of the Gaian Tarot.”

From the moment we draw our very first breath, the plants of Mama Gaia are essential to our survival. But what if our relationship is even more rich and complex than we have ever imagined?

What if we are, in fact, conversing with them, singing with them, and being guided by them, even as we breathe their gift of life, eat of their fruits, and are healed by their medicines?

Since prehistoric times, the knowledge of herbs and flowers has been a vital part of the healing and magical work of spiritual practitioners on every path. From the monks of the medieval cloisters, to the wise women and shamans tending the needs of their villages, understanding and co-creating with plants has been a fundamental, sacred trust.

In most cultures, until fairly recently, our ancestors would have never understood the modern attitude that plants are mere commodities placed here to serve us. They worked with herbs, trees, and botanicals as energetic beings that have intelligence and sentient awareness.

For most of my life, I have experienced plants this way. I know them as guides, teachers, and wisdom keepers. Therefore it is my great pleasure to invite you to join me for a discussion of the very special Plant Allies that appear in the Gaian Tarot. Please note: I am not a medicinal herbalist, nor a botanist, so I won’t be discussing the curative or cultivation aspects of plants.

Instead, we will be exploring the energetic gifts and wisdom of the Gaian Green Allies.

Thank you. Beth.  The class is going to be great!  If you’re interested in joining in Beth’s teleseminar on Tuesday evening, July 19th, sign up today for the Gaian Tarot Circle.

About Beth

Beth Owl's DaughterFor four decades, Beth Owl’s Daughter has been a seer and spiritual guide in the non-ordinary realms. She is a trained intuitive, and since 1972, the Tarot has been her friend, guide and lifelong passion.

Beth is an internationally recognized writer, award-winning blogger, teacher and leader in the Tarot community. She has been featured on numerous radio shows and podcasts, and has published countless articles, reviews and columns about the cards. She is the founder and organizer of one of the world’s oldest and largest Tarot social groups.

Beth’s readings are practical and choice-centered, focused on empowering her clients to access their own inner wisdom. She guides healers, visionaries and motivated, imaginative innovators who are reaching for high standards of personal excellence and who understand that living creatively, joyfully and in balance is a form of spiritual service.

Based on her Tarot background, as well as her extensive Craft experience working with the lore and magic of the Plant Allies, Beth is the exclusive source for her line of “Tarot Soul Card Kits.” These are nine unique herbal mixtures and meditations to enhance working with the Soul Cards of the Major Arcana. There is also a specially formulated set just for the Soul cards of the Gaian Tarot.

For many years, Beth has taught introductory Tarot classes. She has also recently launched a new series of workshops for women and men feeling the call to join with the strong, passionate spiritual heroes who are helping to awaken humanity. Like her readings, Beth’s “Tools for Transition” classes are designed to offer the tools and skills needed to move gracefully through times of profound personal and global change.

As a reader, Priestess and teacher, Beth is an unapologetic subversive against cultures that promote fear, shame and powerlessness. Her life is a song that invites all to rise up and harmonize with courage, beauty and magic. Come and be welcome at her hearth fire of truth, transformation, and love.

Visit Beth’s website at and don’t miss her yummy blog, Owl’s Wings.

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