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May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon Us!

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Gaian Tarot Sun

The Sun is Card #6 of our 78-Day-Gaian-Tarot-Countdown, turning up serendipitously today on Summer Solstice!   The description in the book reads:

‎”From the shadows of the Moon, we move into the clear light of day. A woman dances for joy at the peak of the sun’s power, at noon on Summer Solstice. Even the sunflowers behind her are radiating happiness. As she dances, she experiences that sensation known as “flow.” She is so focused and engaged in her dancing that she loses all sense of self and of the passage of time. She has learned how to create happiness for herself by living a life of purpose and by sharing her joy with others. There is no hidden agenda here, no sadness or darkness or stress, just the sheer joy of being alive.”

What does this card say to you, dear Reader?

Meanwhile . . .

I am joining in with Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Beth Owl’s Daughter and other Wise Ones in the tarot community to invite you to a Global Solstice Celebration on Behalf of the Tarot.

As Beth writes,

RWS SunTarot people everywhere are being invited on this Summer Solstice day to join in a global prayer, ritual, celebration, spell-working (fill in your favorite term!) .. on behalf of the Tarot itself.

I don’t believe anything quite like this has ever happened before, but it seems the time is right. So I have been collaborating with Rachel Pollack, Mary Greer, Joanna Powell Colbert, and others to create this.

Our intention is:  With the Great Solstice Turning of the Seasons, we honor the spirit of the Tarot and all those — past, present and future — who unselfishly support its gifts of illumination, healing, and inspiration for all.”

Whether the Solstice is the darkest, longest night for you (if you are below the Equator), or whether this marks the zenith of the Sun’s journey and the beginning of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), your good energy is needed!

Wherever you are, preferably at High Noon (or at the exact moment of Solstice, or whenever is convenient), today, Tuesday, June 21st, we ask you to take a moment to send these thoughts out into the world. If you want to create a full-blown ritual, please do, and tell us about it in the Forum if you’d like.  If you can’t do this on the 21st, then please add your energy at noon, local time, on the 22nd.

In whatever way is right for you, please envision the Tarot … and all who love it … and all who love them … bathed in the joyful light of the Sun. Imagine all the amazing people, famous and unknown, across the centuries who have given of themselves, nurturing the spirit of the Tarot with their art, their words, their service to one another.

And, since it’s Solstice, you might also consider the messages of The Sun card of the Tarot, such as how it freely gives its gifts of life, joy, renewal, happiness, and melts away all hidden agendas and fears.  How it calls forth the Divine Sublime that shines in us all.

May the soul of the Tarot and all who are in its service, join together in a generous, joyful, creative harmony.

Please spread the word!

Blessed be!

Solstice sun shining bright. Longest Day, Shortest Night !

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!


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