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A Gaian Soul Chat with Carolyn Cushing

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Carolyn & Joanna, RS11

This “Gaian Soul Chat” is one in a series of interviews with interesting people I know whose life work is intrinsically involved with Creativity, Nature and/or Spirituality. And, of course, the Tarot.

Today’s chat is with Carolyn Cushing, co-founder of the Massachusetts Tarot Society. I love Carolyn’s unique take on the tarot as an agent of change, and her affinity for nature spirituality and using the tarot as a contemplative tool. I’m going to be co-teaching a workshop with Carolyn on Connecting with Mama Gaia on October 2nd in Easthampton, Mass.  Can’t wait!

This photo of Carolyn and me was taken at the Readers Studio 2011.

[Please forgive the quality of the video. For some reason the Skype recorder recorded my voice, but not the video of me speaking. Techno-glitch alert! I know you’ll enjoy the conversation anyway.]


Thanks Carolyn.  I am really looking forward to your teleseminar!  If you’re interested in joining in Carolyn’s teleseminar on Wednesday evening, June 15th, sign up today for the Gaian Tarot Circle.

Click here for more information on my workshops in Easthampton, Massachusetts this October.

About Carolyn ….

As a passionate change maker and Tarot enthusiast, I love to work with people to make positive life transitions, grow spiritually, and develop creatively. I work in a collaborative intuitive way with the Tarot.  I discovered the Tarot in 1994 and have devoted myself to it as one of the most enjoyable, creative, effective, and spirit-infused of any change making tool.  I have studied in-person with renowned Tarot teachers Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer as well as attended international conferences such as The Tarot School’s Readers Studio.  In addition to working one-on-one with seekers, I recently have led meditation sessions at Readers Studios; taught and co-facilitated Tarot groups at Awen Tree in Easthampton, MA; and been a guest teacher on the Gaian Tarot Circle.  I am a co-founder of the Massachusetts Tarot Society.

I am a graduate of the Spiritual Life Center’s Spiritual Direction Program.  I continue to receive on-going training and professional supervision to develop my capacities as a spiritual guide and my own spiritual practice.   I exercise my creativity most deeply through writing poetry where my themes are often the beauty and mystery of the cosmos.

My website is and you can find me on Facebook at my Art of Change Tarot page.


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