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Gaian Tarot Card of the Week: Ace of Fire

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Gaian Tarot Ace of FireWhat do I need to keep in mind for the week to come?

Last week I “moved at the pace of guidance” with the Two of Air. My attention was mainly focused on creating the content for the Empower Your Dreams class and learning a few new technical things to make the online classroom work.  It was also Week 3 of the Raw Food Rehab program and I found it to be a bit challenging, but persevered.

This morning, I pulled the Ace of Fire for the week to come.  I pondered all the meanings of this card (awakened passion, new creative projects et al) and had to wonder what the promise of that Ace might be.  As I continued to contemplate it, what really grabbed my attention was all the sparks in the background.  Ah . . .  warmth.  Ah . . . spring!   Here in the Pacific Northwest, we aren’t experiencing the snow and cold that so many of you are, but it has been grey and gloomy and dripping for . . . eons, it seems.  This is the time of year when we all contemplate moving to Arizona or New Mexico.

The sparks in the background of the Ace of Fire remind me of a crown of fire behind Brigid’s blazing red hair.  She of the Forge, of Poetry, of Healing.  Her holiday draws near . . . only a week away.  May she bring with Her the promise of warmer days and clear skies.

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