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Are you dreaming a Big Dream this year?

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Think Big, Dream Big
Do you want to . . .

  • Express your creativity in a big way?
  • Write a book?
  • Feel energetic and healthy?
  • Find spiritual community, or create it?
  • Start a business?
  • Clean up your money act?
  • Find a life partner?
  • Start sharing your unique gift with the world?

Join me for a Free Teleseminar on:

6 Steps to Empowering Your Dreams & Visions with Tarot: How to Move from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go

On Tuesday, January 11th, I’ll be offering a free teleseminar on my six-step system for using the wisdom of Tarot cards to help you manifest your dreams and visions.

This system is a preview of my upcoming online class, “Empower Your Dreams & Visions with Tarot.” The class is all about learning how to make your dreams come true in a supportive, fun environment.

Last week I offered a free workbook, Time Out of Time: Dreaming & Visioning the New Year, to my newsletter subscribers. I’ve been thrilled with the response — over 600 people have downloaded the workbook, including many of you, dear Readers. I received delighted emails from many of you who are working your way through it. I’m grateful that it’s helping so many, whether or not you choose to take the class.

In this one-hour call, I’ll share the process I developed to help you move from “here” to “there,” wherever your “there” is.  Each step along the way resonates with the energy of a certain Tarot card, especially the Gaian ones. 😉

This is the same process I used last year to retire from my web design business and move full time into making a good living by doing the work of my heart. And I’m using the process again right now, to become healthier and more energetic. (Life is too short to allow self-sabotage and limiting beliefs to keep us from getting where we want to go!)

If you’ve read through the workbook, you probably know that I have a knack for balancing spirituality with very practical “shoeleather” systems.

You’ll be able to ask me questions about the workbook, the six-step system or anything on this topic during the Q&A portion of the call.

I’ll also take some time to talk about the class, so you can think about whether or not it’s the right place for you at the right time. Better still, I hope you’ll check in with your inner guidance. Of course I would love for you to join me for the class, but even if you don’t, my intention is for you to walk away from this call with a basic understanding of how to move from “here” to “there.”

We’ll pull a few Tarot cards during the course of the call, too, so have a deck ready. (It can be any Tarot deck; it doesn’t need to be a Gaian.) It’ll be fun!

Here’s How to Call In for the Teleseminar:

Tuesday, January 11, 6:00 PM Pacific

(Time zone check:

Phone-Number to Dial: (206) 701-8388
Pin/ConferenceID: 528955#

Skype (audio only): Dial “joinconference” from your Skype dial pad and enter 528955#. More details on using Skype for the teleseminar can be found here.

Listen in via live webcast by clicking here at the time of the call:

If you want to be sure to be on the live call, please call or Skype in up to 10 minutes early, as it’s very possible we’ll have more people than we can fit on the call. If that happens, you can listen in over the web. My assistant and Tech Support Goddess Shari will be in the chat room, and you can join her there. (BTW, Safari on a Mac does not work for chatting, although Firefox for Mac does.)

And, if you joined the email list to download the workbook, you’ll receive an email with a link to the recording of the call. You’ll also receive a reminder about the call. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to mark your calendar now!

(If you haven’t yet signed up to receive the free workbook, you can still grab it here: )

If you have any questions, please ask.

I’m looking forward to being with you on the call!

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Selene Tue - Jan 11th 2011 6:05 pm

    Oh, dear, I am not managing to get on the webcast, not sure why! And not sure what chat room Shari will be in 🙁

    Looking forward to listening to the replay!

  • Selene Tue - Jan 11th 2011 6:09 pm

    OK, just called in on the phone, so I’m a bit late, but listening! Thanks!

  • Joanna Tue - Jan 11th 2011 9:50 pm

    Thanks Selene! Glad you made it on the call and my apologies for the sound quality. I’ll be sending out a clean re-recording of the call soon.