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Gaian Tarot Card of the Week – Elder of Earth

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Gaian Tarot Elder of EarthAs I shuffled the cards last night, one fell out the deck. I turned it over to see it was the Elder of Earth. I smiled to see this old friend. She’s been the subject of conversation over on the Gaian Tarot Circle this past week in connection to a discussion on the Lovers card. The Elder of Earth turned up for one of our members in answer to the question suggested by the Lovers: “Who or what is the Beloved to me?” It led to a great discussion about Sacred Spinsterhood / Sacred Singlehood (“alone but not lonely”) and brought attention to the new holiday Spinster Aunt’s Day.  😉  (Sometimes one’s Beloved is one’s own authentic Self.)

I tucked the card back into the deck, thinking there must surely be another card for me this week.  So I shuffled, and cut the deck, and pulled . . . the Elder of Earth.

Tarot just has a great sense of humor at times, doesn’t it?

I went to bed meditating on the card, hoping it would slip into my dreams.

I woke around 4 AM with full moonlight flooding in through my window past snow-laden cedar boughs. I propped myself up on the windowsill to look out at the familiar  landscape, transformed by snow and moonlight. I sensed the snow soaking up the moonlight and watering the earth with it.  As above, so below. Magic!

As I continued to moongaze, it seemed to me that the moon was spinning away in the center of the Elder of Earth’s wheel. I sent my consciousness out to La Luna Bella like a thread twirling around Her. Her spinning Self came back into my body, lighting me up with energy, ideas, creativity, mojo!  As the spinning moon-wheel continued to turn inside my heart, brightly shining threads were flung back out into the world.

And I knew that the Elder of Earth, and her sister the Moon, are constantly spinning creativity and connection — for me and for all of you as well.

How are you spinning creativity and connection these days?  I would love to know . . .

Thoughtful, sparkling comments. . .

  • Page Tue - Nov 23rd 2010 5:26 pm

    I love your Tarot and how you really see the magic in our relative, yet so rich, world.