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Oh What a Difference We Can Make!

in Community, Gratitude, Spiritual Practice

Think of a 12 year old girl that you know. A relative, or a friend’s daughter, or a neighbor down the street. Maybe she’s a 14 year old girl like my young friends Chloe and Marina. Or a 2 year old girl like my granddaughter Gracie.

Then watch these videos. And imagine that a girl you love is in a position like these girls. And after you’re done weeping, give what you can to the Girl Effect, like I did yesterday.  Nope, it’s not convenient to give out of your grocery budget or your latte fund or the money set aside to color your hair (I’m talkin’ to myself here), but oh the difference we can make in these girls’ lives!

We are so privileged . . . and they are not.

We take the right to an education for granted . . . and they do not.

We struggle to figure out how to make an authentic living doing the things we love . . . and they struggle to keep from being married and pregnant before they’re 16.

What a joy to know that we can help to turn their lives around. Spread the word!

(I’m participating in Tara Sophia Mohr’s blogging campaign to raise awareness of the Girl Effect. Why not join us?)

Blessed be.

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